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Friday, June 08, 2007

Nanny Bans Glasses

Nanny Bans Glasses
I wrote some time ago about Nanny trying to ban glasses in pubs, on the grounds that they were dangerous.

The fact that beer/lager when supped out of plastic tastes awful, appears to have no sway with Nanny. Doubtless this is part of her subtle campaign to stop us drinking, and make us easier to control.

Anyhoo, it seems that Nanny is trying to introduce a ban on glasses via the back door.

Many of Nanny's police forces are pressing for a ban on real glasses in pubs and clubs serving drinks in wine, spirit or beer; on the pretext of reducing injuries caused by people using them as weapons.

The step has already been proposed in Bournemouth, Reading, Newport, Northampton, Fareham, Ilford and Daventry.

Seemingly a further 30 towns are considering similar action.

Councils have the power to outlaw glasses. However, in most areas police are seeking "voluntary" bans. Needless to say the word "voluntary" is open to interpretation. The British Beer and Pub Association believes that pubs feel "pressurised" into accepting bans, because of the prospect of losing their licences if they refuse.

Neil Williams, its spokesman, said:

"These bans are spreading like bushfire.

You can quite easily see this rolled out

across the country without people realising what is happening

That's how Nanny operates, she rolls out her nasty little rules without consultation before people realises what she has done.

Phillip Gill, of the Campaign for Real Ale, said:

"It is totally out of proportion.

There is a degree of risk involved in lots of things,

including drinking from a glass,

but that doesn't mean you need to ban it

Yes it does in Nanny's world, for you see Nanny wants to ban booze and zeroise risk (an impossibility in the real world).


  1. Anonymous1:01 PM

    No, No, and thrice Fucking No. And that's comming from someone who spent 3 years drinking out of "plastics" at uni bars. Grim.
    Besides, what happened to those safety glass glasses that shatter so you can't use them as a weapon? I thought they'd already solved this "problem".

  2. Seeing as banning firearms worked so well...

  3. Anonymous10:55 PM

    Yeah, but wiv a plastik glass you can stick one of them labels on wot tells you 'ow many units youse drinkin' - and the dangers of gettin' pissed. Mustn't let people actually ENJOY anything without making them feel guilty.

  4. Anonymous10:16 PM

    As a person who lives in fareham, I can confirm that at least one of the major town centre pubs have banned glassware from being taken out of the premises to their cordoned off outside seating area.