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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Plod Goes To The Chippie

Plod Goes To The ChippieIt does seem that Nanny's state police force is getting a little bit full of itself, as Andrew Carter discovered to his cost recently.

Mr Carter observed a police van reversing the wrong way up a one-way street in Bristol, in fact it almost knocked him over, and rather unwisely challenged it.

He was told by one of the cuntstables driving the van to:

"F*** off, this is police business."

What precisely was this urgent police business?

Errmm...they were on the way to the chip shop!

Mr Carter then photographed the police van outside the chip shop.

Can you guess what happened next?

Yes, that's right, PC Aqil Farooq told him he was under arrest for assault, resisting arrest and being drunk and disorderly.

Mr Carter was then handcuffed and bundled into the back of the van, locked in a police cell for five hours, forced to give a sample of his DNA and had his fingerprints taken. After his release he spent a week on bail, before he was he told he would not be charged.

PC Farooq and a woman officer claimed they needed to visit the takeaway shop to view CCTV footage.

Farooq was made to apologise in person to Mr Carter but he still has his job.

Avon and Somerset deputy chief constable Rob Beckley wrote to Mr Carter, apologising for the officer's 'totally unacceptable' behaviour. that it then?...a false arrest was made, ie the police lied, and all that happens is that an apology is made?

What kind of state are we living in?

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  1. A Stasi state that would have made Erich Honecker blush.

  2. Anonymous8:13 AM

    As a law abiding 'middle class' bloke I have to say that I no longer view the police as 'on my side' in fact I hate them and view them as nothing more than nanny's little jobsworths out to fine/nick anyone for an easy nick whilst ignoring the chav scum running the streets.

  3. Anonymous9:37 AM

    ACPO need to look inwards at their own house rather than spend their time persuading the national socialists to add to Brown's Big List of Very Stupid Laws. They have turned themselves into an unelected highly influential lobbying group - not healthy, not what they are for and not good for the public.

    The police need root and branch reform to re-focus them on their primary purpose. Back to basics for Mr Plod.

    There should be far more independent and critical scrutiny of the police services. We need an independent inspectorate rather than a heavily politicised civil service run closed shop old boy's network.

    The level of supervision and discipline within the police needs to be increased and improved. We need more experienced older police officers out on the streets. Officers of Chief Inspector rank should be regularly patrolling amongst their subordinates and supervising them. The rise of a distant, politicised, privileged "officer class" has been one of the most significant factors in undermining the effectiveness of the police and their relationship with the public.

    The police need to operate to a much stricter code of conduct in their dealings with the public and to enforce the law impartially on behalf of all of us, not vindictively or excessively like a bunch of uniformed thugs. Politeness and professionalism do not imply weakness - quite the contrary.

  4. Perhaps the issue of Freemasonry in the police, civil service, and local councils needs to be addressed?

  5. Anonymous10:33 AM

    Is Tonk ill today?

  6. Anonymous11:00 AM

    I have morals, am law-abiding and am probably what people call 'middle class'.

    Most of my mates are too.

    In years gone by, we had respect for the police. If we saw trouble we would even point out the perpetrators to the police, tell them what had happened, help them sort it out.

    Nowadays, we wouldn't even piss on them if they were on fire.

    What has happened to make so many of us feel like that ?

  7. Anonymous11:09 AM

    Thanks for your concern...I am still alive!!

    This type of story saddens me and I agree with everything Dixon wrote above.

    It is true to say that the senior police officers have become little more than politicians in uniform and the police, in general, have become little more than an arm of HMRC, but collecting taxation via fines...Kerching!!

    Many years ago, as I recall, in order to get through the selection process to become a police officer, a senior recruiter would visit your home and perform an interview to assess your psychologial profile to ensure you had the right temprement to take on the role. Those of a Rambo or thug nature were excluded. I wonder if they still perform such a check and whether the rules are relaxed just to obtain a " representitive cross section of society"

    If the police forces continue to recruit those of such attitudes, as displayed by the officer at the centre of this story and appear to overlook such inappropriate behaviour, the Police in general will loose even more of the little bit of support that still remains amongst the general public.

  8. Anonymous11:23 AM


    You have hit the nail on the head. The old bill are now nothing more than uniformed tax collectors for nanny. Oh, they also act as uniformed social workers and community cohesion officers as well.

    As to tackling crims and keeping the streets safe, well er, don't know whose job that is. Meanwhile, our taxes to pay for the police farce go up every year.

    I used to respect the police but now view them as useless in tacking crime and an irritant to the law abiding citizen.

    Still, I imagine we won't have to put up with them for too much longer as our real masters in the EU are preparing for the Europolice to take care of us uppity cintizens.

    Your ID card pleeze has a nice ring to it doesn't it?

  9. Anonymous11:29 AM


    I think we have always heard rumours of Freemasonary within the police force, however, in my opinion, the new enemy within may well be Common Purpose.....I am more worried about their influence in all areas of "public service" (sic)than I am the freemasons.

    Well worth a google.

  10. The charge against Freemasonry is cronyism - helping hands that are withheld from non-Masons are given to other members of the Brotherhood - not always in the interests of justice.

    The Common Purpose blurb looks like the usual management consultancy snake oil. Using their "unique" services will transform your outlook, your business, and your life. Just like televangelists, really. Why do you think they are especially sinister?

  11. Anonymous1:10 PM


    There appears to be a sinister side to the organisation if the anti cp websites are to be believed.
    Their methods and the secretive way they appear to conduct their courses, in my view, smell fishy.
    They seem to me, to have an agenda that is somewhat incompatible with the accepted norms of the British way of life. Many local authorities appear to have spent a fortune on their courses, as have the BBC. After googling the organisation following a pointer from Dixon, I was shocked at what I found....I thought much the same as you when I read their own website's contents but, once I looked a little further afield, alarm bells began to ring.

  12. I wish I knew what "the accepted norms of the British way of life" are! I used to think I did, but the older I grow - and the more I watch and read the media and "Nanny Knows Best" - the more I wonder.

    The Britain we are living in today certainly isn't the country my parents and older contemporaries fought to save from totalitarianism in WW2.

    These days, people seem prepared to believe in, and squabble about, any old rubbish.

  13. Anonymous2:40 PM

    For sure, Mr. Carter should demand his DNA and fingerprints be removed from the database and destroyed, as should any "evidence" gathered from chicken shit charges like this.


  14. Anonymous2:47 PM

    Why do I think we would have heard an awful lot more about this if the officer had been called Carter and the arrestee called Farooq?

    BTW, Farooq is a former spokesman for the Black Police Association.

  15. Anonymous3:45 PM


    I concur that today's Britain is nothing like the one I grew up in.

    The norms of which I speak include concepts such as the following:-

    Fair Play.
    National Pride.
    Giving to Charity.
    A sense of Morality.
    Knowing right from wrong.
    A fair day's work for a fair day's pay.
    A stiff upper lip.
    The English accent.
    The British sense of humour.
    Community spirit in a crisis.
    Taking responsibility for ones actions.

    I suspect there are many more should I take the time to think about it.
    I don't personally believe that, caring about the future of my homeland and its integration into a giant socialist superstate known as the EUSSR is something silly or that concern is rubbish and should not be squabbled about!!

  16. Alas, though England/Britain is much smaller than it used to be, and can no longer punch above its weight in the world, it is no longer realistically possible to be a "Little Englander". We are - because of the mistaken choices of our politicians during the past half-century - willy nilly an appendage of the American Superstate. While there is a lot wrong with the way the EU is organised and run, I would rather be closer to it than to our transatlantic "cousins" - who, within a few years, will no longer have a majority European-descended population.

  17. Anonymous4:36 PM


    The American state does not seek to assimilate us into itself, although I conceed, especially under Blair, it felt like it sometimes.

    I only seek that our nation continues to govern itself and respects our culture and way of life.

    I am happy to trade with Europe and co-operate with Europe....I just don't consent to be governed by Europe....Our culture, way of life and values are different and to me, as far as Europe is concerned, it is us that are always expected to change.

  18. Anonymous7:34 PM

    Nothing surprises me these days....

  19. Tonk:

    We have far more in common with our European neighbours - if only on the principle of "know your enemy" - than with the bizarrely religiose Americans or the people of alien cultures, traditions and religions who have settled within our shores during the past thirty years, many of whom have little if any intention of blending in with our historic traditions and way of life. It is largely due to them that we are having the excessive Nanny Knows Best attitudes of "multiculturalism" foisted upon us.

    I have just heard on the news that all English secondary school children are in future to be taught "Black History". with especial reference to Britain's role in promoting the slave trade. This leaves me speechless!

  20. Here is the link:

  21. Anonymous10:10 PM


    Why do we have to decide to be either American or European?
    Why can't we be what we've always been, namely British and Proud?

    I wish neither to be American or European, I wish to be allowed to be British, that's all.

    I feel no guilt for anything to do with the slave trade....It all happened long before I was born.....If we are expected to feel guilty about slavery let's take it to it's logical conclusion and force women to feel guilty about getting us kicked out of the Garden of Eden:-)

    I too am left speechless by your story, I think we can both agree the world is getting crazier by the day.

  22. Tonk:

    "Why can't we be what we've always been, namely British and Proud?"

    Because we are 'governed' by a bunch of crap politicians [in all parties] who are even more ignorant and empty-headed than before they were born.

    We don't have to be "allowed" to be British. We ARE British. The question is, what does being British mean nowadays? Not what it did when I grew up and Churchill was our war-winning PM.

    There are rumours that one of my great-great grandfathers made some of his money out of the slave trade. Even if they're true, it doesn't wring my withers. As you say, those people are all dead long ago. What they did isn't your or my responsibility.

    And I don't suppose these brainwashed kids are going to be taught about the heavy involvement of the Ashantis and other African tribes in the slave trade - not to mention the Arabs, who still keep it merrily ticking along today....

    As you say, we are living in a crazy world. What to DO about it?

  23. Anonymous7:58 AM

    I think Tonk's "Britishness" list is very good.

    Support for the underdog (part of fair play?) used to be one of our attributes too. I think over the years the PC brigade have diminished that by insisting that only they define who are the underdogs and exactly how the support is to be given.

    Too much bullying and regulation to make us think and behave as we probably would anyway if just left to get on with it. Re-cycling and waste bins a classic case. Instead of incentive and encouragement over something that is essentially well-intended we get red tape, bullying and ridiculous incidents where ordinary people are literally persecuted by the authorities turning the whole thing sour.

    Councils were never intended to control, regulate or enforce but to provide infrastructure around community services. There were always bye-laws but they were minor things - not the arrestable offences they have become.

    Since New Labour took over a gulf has opened up between ordinary people, the councils and the police and it is ultimately counter productive to good society.

  24. Anonymous2:31 PM

    I bet PC Farooq was only made to apologise because of the publicity surrounding the case. In my opinion, PC Farooq should not only have been sacked on the spot, but also hauled up in front of a judge, having been charged with using obscene language in a public place, assault, causing criminal damage (I understand that Mr Carter's camera/mobile phone was deliberately smashed to the floor by the policeman involved) and attempting to pervert the course of justice. What's the betting that if the victim had not been white, this is almost certainly what would have happened?

    "What kind of state are we living in?"
    A police state, Ken, in which there is one law for us and a totally different one for them.

  25. Anonymous5:16 PM

    I was walking along a pavement in Sheffield when a police estate car drove up the pavement behind me at speed and nearly knocked me over. The car used the pavement to go the wrong way up a one-way system outside South Yorkshire Police Headquarters before getting ready to cut across traffic into said establishment. I started to give a mouthful - only one swear word but lots of assertiveness - only to be given a menacing look and be told to get on my way. If it hadn't been for the two civilians in the back seat ... who knows?