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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Prats of The Week - Senior Officers of Norfolk Fire Service

Prats of The WeekCongratulations to those in charge of Norfolk Fire Service who have won my coveted, and prestigious, "Prats of The Week" Award.

The powers that be in Norfolk Fire Service have deemed that football and volleyball are too dangerous for their fire crews, and have banned them from playing them lest they injure themselves.

Aside from the obvious health and relaxation benefits of such sports, they are also excellent for building team spirit (kind of necessary when you are risking your lives in fires I would have thought!).

Coming soon, fire crews banned from attending fires.

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  1. The Fire Brigade have always played volley ball while on station, it was played to keep fitness levels up and as you say Ken, to bond the team.

    These 'Elf'n'Safety people that are wrecking our nation and our way of life are really pissing me off. When will we have a return to commonsense? The problem is that the next generation will consider all this silliness to be the norm and will be unable to see the folly in it.

  2. Lord of Atlantis1:51 PM

    This award is well-deserved, but I am afraid is typical of the perverse 'logic' by many senior officers in today's 'emergency services'. Whilst they haven't (yet) actually banned crews from attending fires, they have done the next best thing, by insisting that they perform 'risk assessments' before proceeding with the rescue and / or fighting the fire. My own grandfather was a fireman before WW2 and he lost a leg in this work. Yet he never complained about it. I bet he must be turning in his grave at some of the nonsense imposed upon fire crews in these 'more enlightened' times, which really gets up my nose too, Tonk.
    This incident also reminds me of what happened a few years ago, when some lads I knew, who attended the same Christian church, decided to socialise and get to know each other, by meeting in a local park on a Saturday morning for a friendly game of football (soccer, not Rugby or the American variety). All went well for some time, until one morning, one of the lads suffered a broken leg in a tackle. Now, I must stress, that this was an accident, and there was no malice or deliberate intent involved behind this incident. However, when the leaders of the church (the church is not one of the 'main-stream' ones) found out, although the lad who had suffered the broken leg stated quite openly that he was to blame for his own injury, and held nobody else to be responsible in any way, all the lads were ordered to cease their Saturday morning football, with immediate effect, despite the positive aspects of the activity. Sadly, like good little boys, they complied, thus ending their bonding.

  3. You don't say if it relates to acivities outside of work but it is possible that these sports have been banned because of injuries. Several of my friends at work have been off work for knee operations following inter-departmental competitions.