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Monday, September 21, 2009

Prats of The Week - The Home Orifice

Prats of The WeekTis a Monday morning, and with a song in my heart I am happy to award my prestigious, and internationally renowned, "Prats of The Week" Award to Nanny's Home Orifice.

What have they done to deserve this?

Easy peasy, they have issued a booklet (at our expense) telling their own staff not to eat food in front of Muslim colleagues during Ramadan; lest it makes them feel hungry.

Aside from the sheer bollocks waste of time and money that this absurd piece of "homespun" advice has inflicted, it is also highly offensive and patronising to Muslims as it singles them out as being "different".

Didn't Hitler do the same thing with Jewish people?

It is also somewhat ironic that the Home Orifice is so concerned about the possible "hurtfulness" of eating in front of Muslims who are fasting.

Is this not the same Home Orifice that, as part of the Nanny state, gave approval to the US to use the UK for rendition flights (whereby Muslim terror suspects were snatched from various foreign locations, and taken to G'tmo to be waterboarded without due legal process)?

What's worse?

Waterboarding, or eating in front of someone who is fasting?

Maybe eating in front of a fasting Muslim will be added to the CIA torture manual?

The Home Orifice, well deserving Prats of The Week.

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  1. Labour are masters at wasting money. They are also very good at creating non jobs for people to waste that same money.

    Not long to go now and, with a bit of luck, I shall never have to suffer another Labour Government in my lifetime!!

  2. skydog10:54 AM

    ''What's worse?

    Waterboarding, or eating in front of someone who is fasting?''

    What's worse?

    Eating in front of someone who is fasting. ;o)

  3. Lord of Atlantis1:22 PM

    What a scandalous waste of money, especially when considering we have been told to expect massive cuts in public services.
    I am not a Muslim, nor do I have the slightest desire or intention of becoming one. Moreover, if I want to eat a bar of chocolate, a sausage roll or anything else during Ramadan, I shall do so, irresepective of whether there are any Muslims in the vicinity. Some people may think this is selfish, although I hope my thoughts don't come across that way, because as I see it, they have exercised their right to fast at this time, for which I respect them. However, since I am not of their religious persuasion, I have an equal right to eat whatsoever takes my fancy. In other words, I do not force anyone to follow my own beliefs and views so surely, I am entitled to the same privilege?

  4. Anonymous6:00 PM

    What about eating in front of a dieter? Or an obscenely obese person? What about eating pork in front of Jews or Muslims? What about Muslims eating during Lent?

    Idiotic. We can expect that this is the thin end of the wedge. Let's see where it leads.

  5. Anonymous8:15 PM

    Well why not just stay out of the canteen then if its such a problem?

  6. the man from UNCLE8:18 PM

    It leads where the mooslimb lobby tells the government where they want it to go. Nu Labia's slavish adherence to 'mulitculturalism' in effect means all will obey the whims of one culture. Want a clue as to which one that is? It advocates death to homosexuals and the total submission/enslavement of women, all such great liberal/socialist values doncha think? So why not bend over backwards to accomodate their every wish.

  7. Why not organise barbecues outside mosques during Ramadan?

    Or would this be the equivalent of shouting "fire" in a crowded theatre?

  8. Disgusted, Tunbridge Wells7:53 AM

    Fausty said:

    " What about eating pork in front of Jews or Muslims?"

    A Jewish friend of mine once bought me a bacon sarnie when we had coffee together.

  9. the man from UNCLE12:10 PM

    No, it would be 'islamaphobic' and you would be arrested. Naturally, said porkophobic inhabitants of the terrorist training schools (sorry mosques) are allowed to spout hate and death threats to everyone who is not of their wonderful 'faith.'

  10. Anonymous1:02 PM

    pathetic!!! why do we always have to give way to the muslims? have they had any kind of respect when christians or jews or whatever religion is celebrating their own?? so are people specially in east london suppose to not eat just because they are surrounded by muslim in the area??? why let other people suffer just because its ramadan...i say let them starve also if people are celebrating lent!!

  11. The really stupid thing is that they do not want this.... Nanny needs to employ a Jobsworth to review the decisions other Jobsworth make in order to veto those where Nanny just needs to BUTT OUT!!

    /its not like they would get rid of the first Jobsworth anyway..