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Nanny Knows Best
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Tuesday, August 03, 2010


I see that our old friends from National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) recently put their noses into the issue of obesity levels among pregnant women.

NICE has issued new guidelines encouraging women in England to attain a healthy weight before they get pregnant, and it advises pregnant women against eating for two once they conceive.

There is of course a wee fly in NICE's oinkment, many women become pregnant without actually planning the precise moment of conception (ie many pregnancies are unplanned).

How, therefore, are women meant to achieve the "optimal" pre pregnancy weight if they do not know when they are to become pregnant?

Could it be that NICE would prefer all women to obtain Nanny's permission (eg via a weight check certificate etc) before conceiving?

It wouldn't surprise me at all!

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  1. Tonk.2:16 PM

    More jobsworths empire building by extending their remit.

  2. Tonk.2:20 PM

    Here's an interesting link which, to some extent, relates to this story....

  3. This story was on the BBC World news a few days ago, and while watching it I thought to myself…….Why?

    There are hundreds of useless quangos churning out useless information, so why does NICE get prime time news coverage, including interviews with pregnant women exercising in the park and with NICE representatives in the news headquarters?

    Hello, is that the news desk? I am the media representative from NICE and I thought you might want to know about some research that we have done. We have found out that fit and healthy mothers that don’t over indulge during pregnancy are more likely to have fit and healthy babies.

    So you think this is news? Listen,………….Women have been having babies for hundreds of thousands of years, you complete fucking idiot. Do you honestly think that after countless millennia of childbirth that they need or want your advice? If you want to get on the news you have got to come up with better shit than that. Now, haven’t you got an octopus that can predict football match results or something?


    Well fuck off then, ‘cos the clue is in the name……..NEWS desk.

  4. Lord of Atlantis2:44 PM

    In view of their 'services' to the health of sick people by denying medication to people, including life extending drugs to cancer sufferers, I take any 'advice' that comes from 'NICE' with a very large pinch of salt because, in my humble opinion, by such actions they have lost any moral validity to lecture the nation on health issues. I would also respectfully suggest that this organisation is anything but nice!

  5. My Lord;

    Not too big a pinch of salt I hope.