Nanny Knows Best

Nanny Knows Best
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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Open Mike

Open mike session today folks, owing to a large volume of work.


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  1. To get the balls rolling.....Here are a few phrases loved by Nanny that really annoy me;

    Doing everything we can.
    Work with us.
    Equality, diversity and difference.
    Climate change.
    Go green.
    Child safeguarding.
    This will raise X number of pounds.

    There must be hundreds more..

  2. Anonymous4:55 PM

    Another one Tonk ..

    "Recycling .. everyone's doing it" as displayed expensively all over Guildford.

    (But we only want very specific types of plastic, and they must be in bottle form, so you should throw away shedloads of other recycling-marked other plastic because the Council's machines won't handle it).

  3. Tonk.5:41 PM

    A couple or so more;

    Working together.
    Ticking all the boxes.
    Helping people back into work.
    Cracking down on......
    Clamping down on......
    Let's have an inquirey.
    Lessons will be learned.
    The BBC learned today that....

    Sky News presenters, today going on about pension shortfalls for ordinary people, without mentioning the fact that all the plans were robbed by Grabber Gordon.

  4. Uncle John7:11 PM

    "Alternative explanations" - where Nanny's first attempt at saying why some particularly STOOPID thing was done fails to impress- they come up with an even more ludicrous idea (usually involving 'Elfin-safe-Tea)

    Oh - and "We have taken on board..."

  5. Lord of Atlantis10:51 AM

    And, that favourite phrase used by call centres: 'your call is very important to us.' Is that why they keep you hanging on for half an hour or more, forced to listen to inane music and fatuous announcements? Come to think of it, we would be better off if call entres were abolished altogether, and local authorities, public utilities etc rediscovered the concept of 'service'.

  6. More;

    So and so have been slapped with a record fine.

    Social Housing.

    Hard working families.

    We are unable to comment on individual cases.

    We sometimes record calls to ensure we are giving you the best service we can.

    Government bodies calling me a customer.....I'm not, I'm a bloody victim at the very least!!

  7. Uncle John5:02 PM

    London and Quadrant Housing Association (Lewisham) - for deciding that - despite it having been used for several years without incident - a kiddies trampoline might be 'unsafe'

    "An L & Q spokesman said it would be checking the trampoline was taken down by the time kids go back to school next week, adding: "We have agreed the trampoline can remain until the end of the school holidays.
    "The trampoline will be re-assessed next spring in conjunction with health and safety representatives to determine if there are any potential risks to residents from their use."