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Monday, August 02, 2010

Nanny Bans Lap Dancing

Nanny Bans Lap Dancing
I see that Nanny's chum Chris Grayling, the employment minister, has decreed that job centres will no longer be able to display adverts for strippers, topless barmaids and lap-dancers.

All very well, but what gives Nanny to "moral" right to decree what jobs she defines to be "acceptable" or not?

A few factoids for Nanny:

1 Strippers et al are human beings too.

2 We are being told by Nanny that she wants less people claiming benefits, isn't the role of the job centre (aside from humiliating those who pass through its doors) to publicise all jobs that are available (irrespective of the personal prejudices/"morality" of Nanny and those who work in the job centres)?

3 Given Nanny's distaste for lap dancers etc, why is it that she is still happy to tax their earnings? Is that not somewhat hypocritical?

4 I take it then that not one single MP has ever visited a lap dancing club, watched a stripper or visited a brothel then? (Yes, I am being "ironic"!)

This is a small minded ban, that is totally pathetic.

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  1. Ken,

    Perhaps Nanny is worried that if someone is sent for an interview for such a job by the job center, and is offered such a job, then she would attract too much bad publicity if someone didn't want to accept that job and Nanny had to stop that person's benefits......
    Nanny is indeed hypocritical if she taxes the earnings and tips of the dancers, not to mention the licenses and alcohol duty she rakes in from such ventures.

    If people want to strip or dance naked, that should be their choice, not Nanny's.
    Incidently, if Nanny does wish to have a moral crusade on jobs offered at the job center, perhaps she should consider whether it is morally justified to advertise many of the Hi-Viz glorified tax collectors jobs that divide our nation.

  2. Why would the owners of strip clubs and lap dancing bars want to advertise at the job centres?

    Seeing as the staff there are not allowed to discriminate on age, size, etc. can you imagine the horrible, old, flat chested, soap dodging, swamp donkeys they would sent along for interviews and auditions?

  3. Just had another thought.....Perhaps Nanny doesn't want to advertise such jobs because they [ay more than the other job center advertised jobs....JC has mostly national minimum wage jobs and if Nanny advertises posts that pay more than "the wage" her crap jobs will appear even less attractive.

  4. Number 68:35 PM

    Nanny is the ultimate pimp, collecting money (often with menaces via her legions of jobsworths) from every one of us.

    Time to put her in the 'care home' for good. Sadly, while the main three parties are running the show (well doing what the EU tells them anyway) this will never happen.