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Nanny Knows Best
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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I Have A Little List

Ooh, doesn't Nanny just love her secret little lists?

It seems that those who call 999, to report a crime, are being asked for their ethnicity and date of birth.

For why?

These details are being stored, without consent, on a database which also holds details of suspected criminals.

Nanny's chums in North Yorkshire Police, for instance, have a database of 181,917 callers compared to 38,259 suspects.

North Yorkshire Police claim that they are following national guidance. The information is held for a minimum of 15 years, and can be stored for up to 100 years in the most serious cases.

However, the data request is not compulsory; therefore do not provide the data in the event you need to call 999.

By the way, a very small point occurs to me, in the event someone is ringing to report a real time crime being committed "live"; does not the time taken to ask these questions and answer them, actually waste valuable seconds in dispatching the police to apprehend the criminals?

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  1. As I have said Ken, Nanny will not destroy all her databases because there is far too much useful information that Nanny may feel she may need in the future.

    I do wonder sometimes just how many databases we are on; it may be hundreds and just whom has access to them.
    I must be on the NHS database, the HMRC database, my bank's database, my GP's database, the CRB database of cleared persons, various credit reference agencies databases, my mortgage company's database, various shops and stores databases from whom I have made online purchases, the DVLC database, TV licensing database, Virgin media's customer database, the bloody Reder's digest database,(spits) the electoral register database, council tax database, the passport database, my insurer's database....There must be hundreds and I suspect if Nanny wanted access to them, in the name of security or public protection, she could get access to the data.

    Frightening isn't it?

    Just laugh at Hi-Viz.

  2. Lord of Atlantis1:35 PM

    And, my dear Tonk, just how many of these did you give consent to being on, if any?

    And, if you are reporting a crime, what the hell does one's ethnicity or date of birth have to do with things? Speakling personally, I'd rather less time was wasted on this time of c**p and more effort was directed to apprehending and actually punishing criminals. As you point out, Ken, whilst these kind of irrelevant and immaterial questions are being asked, and the (printable) responses recorded, the burglar, mugger, rapist, murderer or whatever will be able to commit his crime and then leg it, safe in the knowledge that he/she will be long gone by the time anyone turns up (if they can be bothered) to investigate the crime{s).

  3. Tonk.1:58 PM

    My Lord;

    That is the point; I have not given my informed consent to any and that is because I've never been asked!!!....What gets my goat is that the DVLA, a database that I have no choice but to be on if I wish to drive or own a car, then sells my information....That must be wrong.

    Regarding the PC questions about race, gender etc.....I never answer them, I usually put something a long the lines of, "Race is only an issue if you make it so."

    If I am pushed for a response I may put "Indiginous Islander" which always wind up the receptionist at the hospital where I am treated.

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  5. Anonymous8:06 PM

    When I report a non smoking drink
    driver, I always use a external public phone with a thick cloth over the mouthpiece. Same for
    pro smoking ban landlords when they serve underage or drunken

    Upset smoker

  6. Uncle John8:15 PM

    When people (Nanny's little friends) ask for your 'ethnicity' they say it is so they can 'check' whether they are reaching the correct mix of the population.

    As it is VERY unlikely they have any idea what the actual 'ethnic mix' is, the resulting figures will have little use (other than to encourage a misguided sense of importance in the 'Divisiveness and Exclusivity' staff).

  7. Lord of Atlantis11:09 AM

    Tonk said...'Regarding the PC questions about race, gender etc.....I never answer them, I usually put something a long the lines of, 'Race is only an issue if you make it so.
    If I am pushed for a response I may put "Indiginous Islander" which always wind up the receptionist at the hospital where I am treated.'

    I like that one! Do you have any objection if I use it?

  8. Tonk.3:20 PM

    My Lord....Of course not, feel free; it is important we stick together and pool resourses when battling Nanny;-)