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Nanny Knows Best
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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Council Jobsworths

As we face many years (decades quite possibly) of austerity and cuts, where people in the real world will have to be flexible and creative in order to get by, it is refreshing to know that Nanny's council jobsworths remain as inflexible and pigheaded as ever.

As Charlotte Cubitt (a lady in her 80's living in Colchester) found to her cost recently, when she was trying to dispose of an old TV.

Mrs Cubitt, unsurprisingly, was unable to lift the TV herself and therefore decided to make use of the council's £11 removal service.

So far so good!

Can you guess what happened next children?

Yes, that's right, on contacting Colchester Borough Council Mrs Cubitt was told that staff could not enter her home and pick up the set.

For why?

Health and safety!

The "solution" offered to Mrs Cubitt was that she would have to carry the TV to the kerbside.

Errrmm...aside from the fact that she couldn't do that, in the event she had her neighbours do it for her wouldn't that lay her open to charges of "fly tipping" (with the associated fine)?

Oh, and supposing one of the neighbours injured themselves would that not lay her open to being sued by them?

Let us be clear, the issue "preventing" the council from providing a service for which they are charging is not health and safety, but their fear of an insurance claim.

As noted many times before on this site, "health and safety" is the excuse trotted out by feeble minded, lazy jobsworths who will not fight spurious ambulance chasing insurance claims (Factoid: insurance companies are conducting a nice little scam by selling details of claimants to ambulance chasing claim firms; the very same firms that the insurance companies accuse of pushing up the price of premiums!).

Councils and insurance firms are the enemy of the people!

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  1. Tonk.1:33 PM

    As a nation, with all our petty rules and regulations, we are pricing ourselves out of everything.......I thought cast iron Dave was going to sort this kind of thing out.....I had to laugh the other day; Mr Gove has suggested that parents help schools to keep them open on strike day but, I thought EVERYONE that comes into contact with kids have to have a CRB check done so, are the schools and the Dot Gov leaving themselves wide open to claims and possible prosecution for breaching their own silly petty rules?

  2. Mjolinir9:24 PM

    you disappoint me, Ken - I thought you were going to raise this case?

    There was a SQUARE ice-cream tub in her re-cycling - so they wouldn't take ANY of it.