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Nanny Knows Best
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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Fat Studies

Now here's an interesting thing, wrt fast food and obesity, that may well put Nanny's nose out of joint.

As we all know, the two bete noires of Nanny's life are obesity and poor people.

Nanny hates obesity and, because Nanny is middle class and loves to lecture others, finds poor people a particularly easy target for her caprices.

Up until now it has been conventional "wisdom", as espoused by Nanny and her "experts", that poor people tend to be fat and that their obesity is derived from their unhealthy reliance on fast food as a medium of sustenance.

Hence this gave Nanny the chance to rant against fast food emporiums (middle class areas so hate to see kebab shops et al next door to purveyors of organic produce etc).

Anyhoo, a study by the University of California has rather pricked Nanny's theory about poor people eating fast food.

Contrary to popular wisdom, it seems that people's visits to fast food establishments increase as their incomes increase; poor people were spending fewer dollars on fast food than lower-middle and middle-income Americans (who, apparently, are less obese than the poorer income levels).

What does this mean?

It means that fast food is not the only driver of obesity levels in poor groups.

Could it be that the environment in which people live (eg accessibility to fresh food, as opposed to sugar based snacks etc) has a bearing on people's obesity/health?

Well, commonsense would indicate this, but of course Nanny does not believe in commonsense. Nanny will continue to direct her anti obesity/fast food message towards the group that she likes to lecture (the poor), ignoring the fact that the poor cannot necessarily significantly change the environment (eg accessibility to fresh food, at affordable prices) in which they live.

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  1. Nanny does seem to have it in for then poor and vulnerable.

  2. Anonymous12:53 PM

    It could be that poor people are poor because they are lazy, therefore the smaller amounts of fast food that they eat make them fatter than the more wealthy people, who eat more, but are prepared to get off their arses and do something, including earning a living.

    Just saying.......

  3. Sick of 'Em5:21 PM


    fuck off

  4. Anonymous8:02 AM

    @Anon 12.53 - yep, the likes of care home assistants who are on the minimum wage are right lazy mares, aren't they?


  5. Who let one of Nanny's jobsworths onto this page? I thought Ken's laser traps sliced their arms off before they inflicted their bile on the ears of the sensible.

    Anonymous 1, you and your ilk are the lazy ones, happy with your rich and comfortable lifestyle and not prepared to even lift a finger to get legislation out to help those who you have caused to flounder. It's about time you threw yourselves off bridges in your shame and let some younger, smarter individuals have your jobs instead.

  6. Anonymous11:18 AM

    Ears of the sensible?????

    More like ears of the fucking humourless!

    Would it have made it easier for you if I had added a smiley or put the word 'lol' after my post?