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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Morrisons Are Prats

My thanks to a loyal reader who dropped me an email yesterday, about some knobheaded prattery going on at his local Morrisons.

My correspondent went to his local Morrisons in Crewe for a spot of shopping with his 13 year old daughter.

For why?

To buy some ingredients for her cookery class at school.

Unfortunately my correspondent made one "silly mistake".

He had the temerity to go to the real ale section of the store as well, and buy 4 cans for £5.50.

Can you guess what happened next children?

Yes, that's right, on attempting to pay for the purchases my correspondent was asked by the checkout guy to produce id for him and his daughter. Given that an id for his daughter would show that she was under 18, even though the beer was being purchased only for himself, the purchase was refused.

I am given to understand that the manger of the store was told, in no uncertain terms, that the store would never be visited again.

Quite right too!

Sainsbury's of Nantwich had no such qualms about serving the beer to my loyal reader, even though his daughter was in his presence.

Is it me, or are many supermarkets getting way above themselves and behaving like a right bunch of self righteous, interfering, Nannying bastards?

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  1. There is something in the psyche of the moron class that gets a great deal of pleasure from making people's lives a misery.....It used to be evident in the peaked cap brigade and is now seen in the hi-viz brigade. It was the problem of giving percieved power to those neither sophisticated nor intelligent enough to use that power sensibly.
    We now have a group of people, only capable of working on checkouts, that percieve they have power over other people and they just long to use it.
    What makes this whole situation worse, is that management at these supermarkets back the checkout drone.....All that is needed is for one store manager to say something along the lines of, don't be so bloody stupid you moron and then, the problem would disappear.
    You will also notice that, as if by magic, security arrive just before the drone refuses the sale; this is because there is a panic button on the till that alerts security, so clearly the drone knows that his/her actions are likely to be not well received.

    There are two things you can do;-
    1) Don't use supermarkets
    2) Empty the whole lot of your shopping onto the belt and leave.

    The most ridiculous story along these lines relates to the sale of two limes but, I am sure Ken will run that another day.

  2. Gerry McCann11:20 AM

    I think Morrisons have the right idea.

    Being a doctor myself I have seen the harm that alcohol does to children. They should be protected.

    Whenever my wife and Kate go out, either to buy from a supermarket or to drink in a bar, we leave our 2 remaining children either outside waiting, or in the safety of any rented apartment that we may have.

  3. Anonymous11:44 AM

    This sort of shit happens so often that I wonder why nobody has brought a test case against the supermarkets.

    The legal age to buy alcohol in the UK is 18. I suppose that supermarkets have the obligation to ask for proof of age if they think that you don’t look 18, but there is no law saying that you cannot buy alcohol in the presence of a minor.

    In fact, if you are buying alcohol for yourself (and not acting solely as an agent for a minor), you can then serve a child as young as 5 with the alcohol in your or a friend’s home (as long as you remain present).

  4. Toy Trumpet1:00 PM

    You can't bring a case against the supermarket, since they can refuse to serve alcohol for any reason. It's their right.

    However, to refuse to sell on these grounds is idiocy, and the supermarkets should be punished for this where it hurts. In their pockets.

  5. Perhaps it would be better to leave minor aged children in the car, or even better, handcuffed securely to a lamppost nearby the store entrance (so they can't be abducted by strangers or suffocated in the heat of the car)?
    Somehow, I imagine protests arising (can one use the term "arising" in reference to a conversation involving children these days?) to even these security measures which are clearly for the good of the children...

  6. We've had this discussion before. Unfortunately as long as Trading Standards keep setting up "Sting" operations to try and catch shops out (with resulting hefty fines), shop managers will continue to put the fear of God into their staff, and they will behave accordingly...

    I agree it's utterly stupid, but because we have allowed this situation to develop, changing it will be very difficult. The majority of "Sheeple" won't make a fuss, or dump their shopping and storm out.

  7. Mjolinir3:09 PM

    //A chef was stunned to find she was almost banned from buying two limes from a supermarket - because they could be classed as a weapon.
    Marisa Zoccolan, 31, popped into the new Asda supermarket close to her home in Wallsend, North Tyneside, to pick up some groceries, including the citrus fruits.
    But when she tried to pay for them at the self-service checkout, the message 'amount exceeded, authorisation required' flashed up.
    An assistant then came over and told her that more than one lime was deemed a weapon - because the citric acid could be squirted in someone's eye.
    Marisa, a self-employed caterer said: 'I thought they were taking the pip, but the assistant told me the same applied to lemons.//

    OK - so ASDA did (eventually) admit a mistake in this case- but how the [Naughty F-word you CAN say to a Policemen] - did it happen?

  8. Anonymous4:51 PM

    @ Toy Trumpet

    Are you sure that a supermarket can refuse to sell to people for any reason that they decide?

    You may well be right, but I wonder if they would be allowed to refuse to sell certain goods to Muslims or Gypsies (for instance) on a whim.

    If a Rastafarian wanted to buy cigarette papers and had a child present, would the supermarket be legally entitled to refuse the purchase? Would they dare?

    Discriminating against people because of age, or because of an unreasonable notion that goods may be used for an illegal purpose falls into the same category, in my opinion.
    And as I have already stated, it isn’t illegal to give children over 5 alcohol in your own home.

  9. Anonymous7:16 PM

    All the comments are null and void, the rights have been lost and now corporations dictate our morality.

    The proletariat are now irrelevant and the nation enjoys dictate, save for a few who will be quashed when it pleases their masters.