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Nanny Knows Best
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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Dangers of Balls

I see that an American Doctor has done some research on the dangers of heading soccer balls, and come up with the conclusion that it may cause brain damage.

Dr Michael Lipton of Montefiore Medical Center, the university hospital for the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, has concluded that frequently heading a football can lead to brain injury.

There does appear to be a "safe" level of around 1,000 headers, but beyond that damage seems to occur.

Well, judging by the dimwitted antics of some of our overpaid footballers, the good doctor may well have a point! 

I suggest that also studies the effects of repeated scrummages etc on the intelligence and behaviour of some of our "professional" rugby players as well!

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  1. Anonymous9:37 AM

    I have also carried out some research on the dangers of heading balls.

    I have concluded that you should never get pissed before going to a bowling alley and then ask an equally pissed friend, who may or may not be called Dave, to ‘chuck it over here, on me head’.

    The resulting damage from a bowling ball can lead to concussion, 16 stitches and a night in hospital for observation………..apparently.

  2. He should do a study into the dangers of becoming an MP. They seem to loose all common sense and reason pretty quickly.

  3. I suspect that any activity can cause some harm if it is done often enough.

    I did hurt my neck once, when someone threw a medicine ball for me to head from the top of a vaulting horse in the school gym......If only we were all wrappen in bubblewrap and had 'elf'n'safety back then. Strangely enough though, I never did it again!

  4. Anonymous11:33 AM

    Funny you should mention MPs, Bucko. When I read the headline, I immediately thought of Ed Balls...

    Ok, that's a sign I've been reading way too many political blogs.

  5. I thought the same Anon. I think that's where it came from :-)

  6. Has he ruled out the possibility that the soccer players were a bit brain damaged to start with?

  7. I'm worried after reading this post, because I'm a student and a soccer player too. I've lot of heading in my practice with soccer club. But I don't want any brain injury.