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Monday, January 30, 2012

Golden Wonder and Hi Vis - UPDATED

As I know that many of my loyal readers hold the wearers of Hi Vis in particularly "fond" and "high" regard, I thought that you may appreciate this video of an altercation between some Hi Vis wearing security guards outside a Golden Wonder factory in Scunthorpe and a local photographer (known as "Hamst") who was trying to take a picture of the building for his site "Visit Scunthorpe".

The Hi Vis wearers are less than pleased, and shower Hamst with threats and abuse (at one point, one of them encourages a colleague to run him down with a car).

I reproduce Hamst's account of his encounter in full below:

"As many people will be aware over the years I have travelled around the town taking photographs of buildings, streets, people, event and many other scenes. I started many years ago both taking and collecting photographs although the vast majority of my images come from the past 4 to five years. I’ve built up quite a library containing thousands of pictures for posterity, a historical record and to use in various articles of local interest of which can be testament to.

A couple of years ago I was challenged whilst taking photo’s at a local under 14’s football match in which my son was taking part. I’d taken photo’s at numerous matches over the years and posted them to the football teams web page on Facebook, something which had caused no bother and the players loved tagging themselves and using them as profile pictures, both my sons team and the opposition. However, after this challenge and thinking I had gone some way to reassure the parent that there was no malice intended I thought I should look deeper into the law and photography within the UK than I previously had.

After hours of research and reading I though I’d gained enough knowledge and understanding to know where I stood within the law should I ever be confronted again, although I don’t profess to be an outright expert. 

Last year that knowledge was put to the test whilst I was passing the hospital and decided to take a few pictures to add to my library. The details of that can be read via this link;

Late last year I was over at the Normanby Park and Foxhills Industrial Estates taking photo’s of various businesses and on the whole whilst there was some curiosity by some security guards manning the gates the only ones that queried what I was doing were at the Two Sisters plant. Although they weren’t too pleased with me taking pictures and originally tried to prevent me they conceded I was within my rights, overall the encounter I had with them was quite amicable.

On Tuesday 17th January I decided I would travel the Midland Road Industrial Estate via Cottage Beck Road to take some photographs of industry around this area. Passing the Golden Wonder plant I though it would be a good opportunity to take a few shots of the site, it quickly became clear I wasn’t welcome. I was stood on the road outside the site when a security officer approached. I switched my camera to video mode to record the encounter to protect both myself and the security guards from future false accusations. The footage can be seen above.

Obviously the conduct and tactics used by the two security officers has to be in question.

At 04:53 an employee, who can be seen just walking past, is getting into a car behind me can be heard saying, “I’ll run him over ” to which the female officer actively encourages her by saying, “you do that,” that’s when I moved onto the path. 

What also aggrieves me is that someone in a uniform representing a company in an apparent position of authority can try and intimidate members of the public by making up laws that don’t exist. This seemed to be an attempt to subjugate a member of the public into accepting what was being told was to be true. Further more hurling offensive insults and puerile slander, like seen at the end of the video, surely isn’t something that someone in that position should resort to.

In conclusion I take their actions to be an exception to the standard practise employed by the many fine security officers up and down the country and I can only assume these two individuals actions are not characteristic of the rest of the security team at Golden Wonder.


Those of you with sharp eyes will have noticed that the video (that worked perfectly yesterday) has now been taken down by YouTube.

Fear not, here it is in all its glory!

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  1. Lord of Atlantis11:00 AM

    I hope Mr Hamst made an official complaint to Golden Wonder's CEO about the behaviour of these jobsworths, and also advised the local media about the incident. There is no excuse to resort to personal abuse, and directing such language at a member of the public is totally unacceptable no matter what the circumstances. They are entitled to ask him to leave, politely, if he was taking pictures on their company's premises, but if he was on the Queen's highway, i.e a public road, they have no authority whatsoever. Consideration should also be given to reporting the incident to the police too because, as I understand the law, making threats of violence, and threatening to deliberately run someone over in a car are criminal offences. Indeed, the latter could be interpreted as a threat to commit murder!

  2. Ah....Hi-Viz; the modern version of the peaked cap.

    Clearly, these two double yokers believe the hi-viz jacket gives them super powers they don't have. Their antics are more in keeping with the school playground, not a top, high profile company. I suspect they're not used to people saying no to their hi-viz.

    Just laugh at hi-viz......The results can be entertaining.

    1. Folks is it hi vis or hi viz, I have seen both spellings please can someone educate me on this?


  3. Anonymous11:43 AM

    I would have thought that they have enough trouble keeping that jug-eared wanker Gary Liniker out of their factory.

    Why do companies hire idiots like that?
    Does a crisp factory really need security guards on patrol during the day?

    1. Re need for guards, you answered your own keep Gary Liniker out:)

  4. I imagine they were just as officious when the Google Street View car was outside....

    Oh - apparently not....

  5. debbie1:01 PM

    Oh my God it this embarrasing!!!!! This jobsworth will not back down, arguing on and on, not backing down. "If I catch up taking
    one more picture...."

    Any reply from this factory??

  6. Tonk.4:36 PM


    I too have seen both spellings.


    As suggested in my previous mutterings, I suspect the female hi-viz was not used to people questioning her self percieved authority. Some how in the UK, the people have been trained to do as they're told if they're being given orders by someone in hi-viz(s). How its happened I don't know.
    We have also seen a rise in words with simple meanings being changed by hi-viz/emergency service personell and saw an example of it in this film. She tried to make the word "asked" to mean "ordered" or "instructed" when she thought that because she had asked the gentleman to stop taking photographs, he had to stop. The gentleman rightly pointed out that he had heard her request and chose not to act upon it. We often hear the police using similar tactics where they claim to give "advice" but, in their case, it is not advice but an instruction because, usually you can ignore advice but, with police "advice," if you ignore it you're usually arrested.

    Just laugh at hi-viz(s)

    1. wiggins12:10 PM

      Yes, we are getting like the Germans.

  7. Anonymous6:42 PM

    I think I ought to point out that the plural of Hi-Viz is not Hi-Viz(s)......It's Hi-Vizi.

    Just saying..............

    1. Tonk.7:15 PM


      Thank you for your information however, the bracketed "s" is merely in response to Ken's reply to me above, where he questions whether the correct way to spell the item of clothing, is with a z or an s......I spell it with a z, Ken spells it with an s. Perhaps I should just call it Day-Glow;-)

  8. From a notice on the gate the jobsworths are employed by a company called Kingdom Security of St. Helen's. It would be interesting if someone was to contact the company with a suggestion to watch the video.

    1. skydog10:28 AM

      You can't ... YouTube hi-viz jobsworths have taken it down.

    2. Fear not, I have updated the site and put it up again (see UPDATED at the bottom:))

  9. Oh it works both ways. Turn up anywhere wearing a Hi-vis, hard hat and a clipboard, and they'll give you access to the wages room and the keys to the safe. Many is the time I've turned up saying "I'm working on a neighbouring building, and is possible to have access to the roof?". It's always "Yes, certainly, I'll get Dave from maintenance to escort you through".

    1. White lab coats used to do the trick as well.

      I recall in the early 80's a Space Invaders table game machine was stolen from one of my university bars, by two blokes wearing white lab coats, who claimed they were taking it away for "servicing":).

  10. Anonymous7:03 AM

    Oh - I've just tried to watch the vid but a message comes up that it's been removed because it contravenes You Tube's terms!?


    1. Fear not, I have updated the site and put it up again (see UPDATED at the bottom:))

  11. Anonymous9:52 PM

    Interesting as to why YouTube took it down, does that mean he was OK to take photo's of people but not record video without their permission?

  12. Ken,

    If you still have a copy of the video, why not jump across to and see if they will take you small offering and host it for your fans, and of course for the management of Golden Wonder foods?