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Monday, January 16, 2012

Prats of The Week - Lincolnshire County Council

Ooh Err Missus, 'tis a bright and cheerful Monday morning and time once again for me to award my prestigious and internationally renowned "Prats of The Week" Award.

This week it goes to Lincolnshire County Council.

For why?

Their batty plan to replace the "wait for the green man" signs on pelican crossings in Boston, with a "non sexist" sign that asks pedestrian to "cross with the green figure".


Seemingly the use of the word "man" is deemed to be sexist as it implies male domination over when people can and can't cross the road.


What a spectacularly idiotic waste of money!

Lincolnshire County Council, well deserving Prats of The Week!

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  1. Anonymous11:27 AM

    It never ceases to amaze me how these jerks in positions of authority (purporting to be wiser and better than us)can always find funding for this kind of nonsense, no matter how short of cash they are. Instead of slashing funding for front line services, they should start by taking a very large axe to whatever departments came up with and approved this rubbish!
    This is from me. There is something different about this website, Ken. It will no longer allow me to log in as Lord of Atlantis! What is going on?

    1. Lord Of Atlantis

      The site has been tweeked to allow people to respond to specific comments.

      Don't know why you can't log in as Atlantis..maybe you need to re register?

      Sorry, it lets me be Ken still and Tonk be Tonk so I can't see why it won't let you be Atlantis

  2. Good grief.....I wonder whether a woman with a chip on her shoulder made this decision or whether it was one of the "new feminised men(sic)" that seem to infest so many of our public bodies; either way, the person responsible form this crass idea should be named.

  3. Anonymous2:28 PM

    It was well reported that there was no sexist suggestion. the sign was added and the company who made the sign put the wording on to comply with the wording in the Highway Code. You idiots who believe everything the papers say need to be named. Get half a story and embellish it to get headlines, is this what they teach journalists these days?

    1. Tonk.4:05 PM

      There are two quotes from two persons linked with the council that don't appear to back your comment.

      Read more:

      The second person is reported as follows;-

      Boston borough councillor Ossy Snell said: 'It seems a little bit like it’s seen as sexist. Women might think men are controlling if a green man tells them to cross the road.

  4. I'm worried - the 'figure' shown is wearing close fitting trousers. Whilst this might be seen by some as 'gender neutral' in terms of 'eurocentric fashion' it clearly discriminates against persons whose culture or religion require the outline of the lower body to be hidden by a robe, skirt, sarong, saree or kameez.

    [I'm surprised no one has mentioned that some pedestrian crossings have the road surface painted in bands of black and white.]

    5:33 AM