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Nanny Knows Best
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Tuesday, August 07, 2012


One of the problems of living in a Nanny state, where Nanny is so "proactive" and "restless" in seeking out "problems" to fix, is that her very "proactive" nature itself causes more problems.

A particularly fine example of Nanny's restless search for problems, where they do not exist, is the remarkable confusion and fuss that she is causing in three London boroughs (Hammersmith, Kensington and Westminster) over so called "troubled families".

Nanny is of the view that there are 1720 "troubled families" in these three boroughs, who need Nanny's (ie the three councils' help).

Unfortunately the three councils, despite looking high and low, can only find 32 "troubled families".

Does this discrepancy matter?

In Nanny's world it does, for she is certain that there are 1720 "troubled families" and is insisting that they be helped, even though no one knows who they are.

Thus, as sure as eggs are eggs, in a few months time (in order to shut Nanny up) the three councils will doubtless find 1720 families (even if they are not "troubled") and bestow upon them Nanny's bounteous generosity.

You can read in detail here on the Local Government Chronicle about how Nanny is tying herself up in knots over the issue, it is all very depressing (for a number of reasons) and is a good example of how the state more often than not makes things worse for everyone.

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  1. Lord of Atlantis12:32 PM

    And no doubt there will shortly be cuts to essential services to pay for this politically correct nonsense! Amazing they can always find oodles of cash for this sort of thing!

  2. "...based on research by the Social Exclusion Task Force in 2004." Perhaps the Troubled Families got better since The Coalition or because they did not want their children kidnapped by social services.