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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Monkey See, Monkey Do

As loyal readers know only too well, Nanny loves to use her rules and regulations as an excuse to charge us money (eg parking fines, street enforcement fines, music licences etc etc).

Sadly it is not just the state that uses rules and regulations as an excuse to rip us off, the private sector has also taken to copying Nanny as well. Step forward Monarch Airlines, which has an "interesting" take on what constitutes a health and safety issue; as Zoe Hammond found to her cost recently.

Ms Hammond was flying back at night from Turkey on Monarch, and felt a little chilly on the plane. She, like any other passenger on a cold plane, not unreasonably asked for a blanket.

Can you guess what happened next children?

Yes, that's right, the stewardess told Ms Hammond that she could not be given a blanket for health and safety reasons.


Since when?

However, it doesn't end there.

Can you guess what then happened children?

Yes, that's right, the stewardess was happy to sell Ms Hammond a blanket for £5.

Ker Farking Ching!

Ms Hammond, tired and cold, gave in and paid. However, on her return to the UK the Mail reports that she raised the issue with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

A spokesman said:
"HSE have contacted the CAA and they have confirmed that there is no legal requirement to prevent a passenger having a blanket to keep them warm. Cabin crew from Monarch Airlines allegedly made the claim about health and safety

There are no health and safety regulations to prevent an airline providing blankets. It would be helpful for the airline to explain the real reasons for their decisions rather than attributing it to health and safety.

This is a blatant case of health and safety being used gratuitously as a cover up for poor customer service and/or a commercial decision.

It is clear that there is no health and safety concern given that blankets are available - at a price. The airline should have the courage to explain and stand by the real reason for its decisions."
As the old saying goes "monkey see, monkey do", the private sector is emulating the state wrt greed, fraud and dishonesty.

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  1. Anonymous11:35 AM

    Flying in or out of any UK airport is a thoroughly miserable experience.

    Hopefully coach companies will start routine journeys for passengers from the UK to the nearby Continental European airports, where flights are far cheaper even when taking into account the cost of a coach transfer, and passengers are treated with some dignity and respect.

    1. Flying, per se, is a thoroughly miserable experience from start to finish.

      Gone are the days when passengers were treated with courtesy by airport staff, food was decent, you could smoke a cigar, visit the cockpit, use real cutlery to eat your food and enjoy the thrill of your ears bleeding at certain altitudes!

  2. Anonymous12:16 PM

    Quite right Ken.

    All airlines must have realised that passengers are now paying over the odds with the increase in air passenger duty. They must know that their customers have faced more inconvenience with increased security checks; but instead of trying to offer a friendly, helpful service they seem intent on reaching new levels of arrogance and officiousness.

    Total cunts, the lot of them.

  3. 'Elf'n'Safety basically is a coverall that means, "Do as you're told and shut up."

    The England I grew up in and loved is now just a distant memory. It is knowing that this life is not forever,that keeps me going.

    1. Anonymous6:36 PM

      nice one Tonk

      Rather than fly the world I've taken to putting my head in a presssure cooker for half an hour each day to replicate the 'flying experience'!

  4. The only things 'missing' from this report are:
    * Stewardess reporting passenger for wanting the blanket to hide 'sexual misconduct'
    * Captain considering(?) that querying staff decisions forced him to turn around & make an 'Emergency (3000GBP-Kerching) landing'.
    * Fifty quid for leaving the plane with excess luggage.

  5. Call me old fashioned but I still believe that you are not properly Abroad unless you have been on a boat to get there so bollox to flying, and the Chunnel..

    1. Anonymous5:37 PM

      I had a boat once .... I know what you mean