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Nanny Knows Best
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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Danger of Burgers

I kid you not, Nicola Peate had to have her jaw put back into place by medics after it dislocated while she was attempting to get her teeth around a "triple-patty" burger at a Liverpool restaurant.

Have we forgotten how to use cutlery, and only insert into our mouth a portion of food that actually fits that particular orifice?

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  1. Tonk.3:53 PM

    Why didn't she grin to get it in?

    It is funny you mention about the use of cutlery Ken, I went into a nice little eatery here in Wokingham last Saturday and had to look at a couple, in their twenties I would guess, who didn't appear to have a clue about how to use knives and forks, nor a clue about table manners. The male, had his whole pie on his fork and was eating it like a lollipop and the female, was only using a fork to eat her fish and chips and was using her "spare hand" as a kind of pusher, to help her get her chips and peas onto her fork. This was bad enough in it's self but, they had young children with them; what a good example to set!
    It rather put me off my Turbot provencale.

    1. The whole pie on his fork?

      It wasn't Desperate Dan by any chance was it?;)

  2. I had the most wonderful chef made minted lamb burger at a local pub last night. I cut it in half before eating it American style. That way is much more elegant than dislocating your jaw like a snake to cram it all in. No lady would eat a triple burger though.