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Nanny Knows Best
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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Fag Lovers To Be Segregated

As loyal readers know, Nanny hates fags and those who use them.

Aside from taxing the product to death, and imposing bizarre restrictions on packaging etc Nanny some years ago (2006/07 was it not?) forbade people to smoke inside pubs, clubs, offices etc. This of course created Tony Blair's much wished for "outside cafe culture"; wherein people stand around outside pubs, clubs and offices come rain or shine puffing away on their fags.

Needless to say Nanny is now very annoyed about this.

For why?

It seems that there are some on the septic isle who believe that they will die of cancer if they so much as see a fag or inhale, albeit ever so briefly, a waft of smoke.

Barbara Harpham, national director of Heart Research UK and a strong advocate of the anti-smoking laws, was recently quoted by the BBC:
"Sometimes it's like stepping out into a mist.

The majority of people don't like smoking but when they go outside it's imposed on them.

If people want to smoke outdoors they should be able to, but you don't want kids going where there are people smoking." 
Won't someone think of the children???

Oh pass the sickbag someone!

Harman's solution?


Outdoor smoking and non-smoking areas.

Oh yes, that will work!

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  1. Tonk.7:16 PM

    Nanny and her little helpers appear to be getting dafter by the day.

    I am NOT a smoker; never have been however, I do think we have gone far too far down the ban it route. It seems that if you can shout loud enough and have access to top politicians, you can get almost anything imposed onto others whether they want it or not.

    If Nanny is really serious about banning smoking, then she needs to make it illegal however, she loves the cash that it generates. My suggestion to Nanny would be to ban smoking for those under eighteen and increase the age restriction by a year each year until all current smokers have died out. Once Nanny has stopped the smokers, she and her little helpers will come after another group.....Perhaps the drinkers or the fatties or the farters......We must stop Nanny now and tell her and her little helpers that we won't just roll over for her and that she'll have a fight on her hands. Mind you, with our nation of sheep we'll more than likely just tut tut like a demented Skippy and let Nanny and Co walk all over us.

  2. ...and, while she is about it, Nanny might consider denying all treatment on the NHS to smokers, whether the problem is smoking-related or not. There is already some suggestion that this treatment, lack of it, or at least something approaching it, be applied to those who drink alcohol. Fatties next. Then who? Anyone disqualified from driving? Anyone found to have contravened Health & Safety guidelines, as harshly interpreted by overly zealous and defensive local authorities? (None of the above will apply, of course, to those who have arrived in the UK from elsewhere.)