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Monday, August 11, 2014

Booze Matters - A Minister For Booze

Oh dear, Nanny is getting her knickers in a twist over booze again.

As a "logical" consequence to her oh so "successful" labelling of fag packets (which has resulted in the near elimination of smoking in the UK......cough) Nanny has decided to do something similar with booze.

An All-Party Parliamentary Group on Alcohol Misuse has decreed that health warnings should be compulsory on bottles of wine, beer and spirits to raise awareness of the dangers of excessive drinking and the growing problem of liver disease.


Tracey Crouch, the chair of the group, said people should be as aware of the dangers posed by excessive drinking as they are of the risks associated with smoking. She is quoted in the Guardian:
"The facts and figures of the scale of alcohol misuse in the UK speak for themselves: 1.2 million people a year are admitted to hospital due to alcohol; liver disease in those under 30 has more than doubled over the past 10 years; and the cost of alcohol to the economy totals £21bn. Getting political parties to seriously commit to these 10 measures will be a massive step in tackling the huge public health issue that alcohol is."
How detached from reality are these people?

Do they really think that a label will change the risk attitude/life style of a hardened drinker?

Whilst we are on the subject, is it not a bit rich that a group of people who have the privilege of drinking to all hours in bars subsidised by us should lecture us about our drinking habits?

Factoid: we the taxpayer subsidised Parliament's bars and restaurants to the tune of £6 million last year.

The report also recommends a minimum unit price on alcohol, increased regulation of marketing, a reduction in the drink drive limit and the appointment of a single minister responsible for reducing "alcohol harms".


Do we not already have a health minister, why the fark do we need one for booze as well?

Shall we also have ministers for fags, drugs, obesity etc etc?

Pardon my French, but I am sick to death of these farkers in Parliament dictating to us about how we should live our lives!

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1 comment:

  1. "Do we not already have a health minister, why the fark do we need one for booze as well?'

    Yes....We can put them right next to the Ministry of Silly Walks.