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Nanny Knows Best
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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Lose Weight - Go Shopping

Nanny is now so concerned about obesity, that the NHS is proposing that firms reward staff with cash or shopping vouchers if they lose weight.

A report published today by the NHS is quoted by the Huffington Post:
"Put bluntly, as the nation's waistline keeps piling on the pounds, we're piling on billions of pounds in future taxes just to pay for preventable illnesses."
Simon Stevens (NHS England CEO) said that the NHS has led to a "blind spot" about the healthcare of employees (because the state and the private sector do not make comfortable bed fellows), and workplace schemes to encourage weight loss have been largely ignored despite success abroad.
"The principal point is that employers in many countries have developed voluntary schemes for their employees whereby for example you actually get cash back based on participation in Weight Watchers or other type schemes."
Suffice to say Nanny doesn't intend to fund any private sector weight loss schemes, rather she (via the NHS) intends to "challenge" firms to bring in such schemes.

As to whether this gets anywhere, who knows?

I am of the view that we are bombarded day and night with adverts for slimming products and lectures from Nanny about our weight. Unless people have been living in a cave they must surely by now be aware of how to eat and exercise sensibly; people are not gaining weight because they don't know how to eat and exercise sensibly, therefore I doubt that more lectures and advice will have much effect.

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  1. I suspect you're right Ken.

    In general terms, a person's fatness or otherwise, is often related to their place on the socio-economic scale......The poorer and less educated a person is, the more likely they are to be heavier.

    Too few people know how to cook today and rely on processed crap and "Ding Dinners."
    Too many young parents use crisps, chocolate, sweets etc as a pacifier for their kids and the television as a baby sitter.

    I also feel that, because as a nation we work longer hours, have less holiday and pay high levels of tax for Nanny to waste, most people are far too knackered to exercise during the little amount of spare time they have.

    I don't think it is the reponsibility of a business to encourage their employees to manage their weight just as I don't feel it is for the schools to supervise kids cleaning their teeth. We all need to take responsibility for our own health and wellbeing and that of our offspring.

    Nanny get the hell out of our lives and stop dreaming up more and more looney schemes which will cost us all dear. Leave us alone and ,let us spend our own money because, we'll always make a better job of it than you will and we won't lose so much of it's value whilst it sloshes around the system.

    1. "Most people are far too knackered to exercise during the little amount of spare time they have"

      Further more, many of them will PAY to join a health club or gym, and drive there, rather than just go for a walk!

  2. Anonymous11:27 AM

    Last week, when there was a four hour strike by health workers I was shocked to discover that the NHS has 1,400,000 employees.

    I suspect that the vast majority of these people are no more than paper pushers, and they have never had contact with a patient.

    The wage bill alone for these employees must run into tens of billions of pounds, so it should come as no surprise that it is unaffordable to pay these people AND treat patients.

    And of course, in the fuckwit way that the NHS is run, if you can avoid treating patients then the whole thing will run a lot better.