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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Nanny's Volte Farce

As loyal readers are well aware, Nanny has often chided (and indeed fined) those public spirited citizens who have ventured forth into their local communities and cut the verges, trimmed public hedges, planted flowers in roundabouts and attempted to fill in pot holes.

Nanny normally hates it when people use their initiative, as it makes her look surplus to requirements.

However, now that Nanny is finding it hard to make ends meet (and justify taxing us even more), her chums from Devon County Council have actually asked residents to fill in potholes themselves in order to save money on road repairs.

Devon County Council has (according to the Telegraph) an estimated backlog of 11,500 sections of road in need of repair, and has said up to a fifth of its neighbourhood highway workforce could be cut and replaced by volunteer “road wardens”.

Volunteer road very Nannyesque!
The volunteers would help fill in potholes, as well as cleaning signs and trimming lawns and verges.

One might ask where our road taxes and council taxes are actually going, but I doubt that we would receive an honest answer.

What a volte farce!

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  1. Anonymous12:47 PM

    So who is responsible when some unlucky bastard damages his car by driving over a non-repaired or poorly repaired pothole?

  2. Lord of Atlantis1:58 PM

    The poor sod who did his best to repair it, of course, Anonymous! Not Nanny or any of her minions, you can rest assured on that!

    I don't know about you, Ken, but this suggests to me that Nanny wants to return to the feudal system, whereby everyone has to provide a set amount of work, non-negotiable and free of charge, of course, to the lord of the manor, or, in the 21st century, Nanny! As you asked, Ken, just where does the revenue from road tax and council tax go?

  3. Disgusted, Tunbridge Wells10:44 AM

    I'm surprised that Devon County Council haven't availed themselves of the 21st Century form of feudalism: workfare. Hopefully next May we'll see the end of the current loathsome Condem shambles of a government.