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Nanny Knows Best
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Thursday, October 02, 2014

Nanny Declares Tom and Jerry Racist

In an absurd piece of Nannyism Amazon Prime Inatsnat Video has declared that Tom and Gerry cartoons are racist and, as such, now issues a warning.

Tom and Gerry, made many moons ago, sometimes featured a coloured maid and in later years an Irish maid. Despite the fact that for some households of the era this was the norm, Amazon have decreed it to be racist.

It is ironic, given that current TV sitcoms etc regularly feature South American maids 9whrein the "joke" is often their inability to communicate with their employers).

Will Amazon be issuing a racist warning about these programmes too?

Come to think of it, will Amazon be issuing a warning about all films etc featuring non white members of staff; eg Gone With The Wind, Roots, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air etc?

Complete bollocks!

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  1. Oh dear, the nutters have taken over the asylum yet again.

    I think the most racist thing on the TV at the moment are political speeches by party leaders; let me explain why.....

    The party leader addresses an audience, be that a live audience or a TV audience. Sat or stood behind them they have a group of "nodding dogs" which contain black, asian and oriental people, as well as a large number of women and young persons but, absolutely no middle or elderly aged white men. It is almost as if white middle aged or elderly men don't exist in Nanny's PC world.

  2. Lord of Atlantis1:49 PM

    Where do they find these jerks? Why don't they concentrate on real issues, including real racism instead of this rubbish? I happen to enjoy watching Tom and Jerry, and I'm certainly not going to stop watching them because some jobsworths say so.

    At one time, Tonk, party conferences were quite interesting, as they featured some very lively debates on all manner of subjects. However, for some years now they have been stage managed to such a degree that only their political correctness obsessed leaders decide which issues will be debated, and most of the audiences seem to be chosen for their willingness not to "rock the boat". Therefore, I no longer see the point of having them, as they seem more and more remote from the aspirations and wishes of the plebs er sorry registered voters.