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Nanny Knows Best
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Monday, December 15, 2014

Nanny's Nice Little Earner - Parking Charges

Nanny is suffering these days, because we are not earning enough to pay for her ever increasing cash needs. Thus, as taxes are not doing the job, she has found another way to milk us dry.

Parking charges and fines!

The Telegraph reports that results of an RAC survey found in 2013/14, Nanny's councils in England made a combined "profit" of £667 million from their on and off-street parking operations. This was 12% more than the 2012/13 figure of £594 million, with 44% of the 2013/14 total being generated by councils in London, the foundation said.

The figures were calculated by adding up income from parking charges and penalty notices, then deducting running costs.
The five biggest "earners" were all London authorities. However, the Green "paradise" of Brighton and Hove stormed in at number 6 earning £18M.

Well done lads!

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1 comment:

  1. Yes Ken, the "criminal justice system" has, in all too many cases, become merely an extension to HMRC.

    It is not just petty fines for petty offences that I find wrong, it's the number of bodies which seem to have the power to fine businesses and public sector organisations too.....Why must each of these fines be a "record fine?" When a publicly funded body "fines" (sic) a publicly funded body, who do the sheeple think foots all the bills and yet, still cry out for more and more so called fines.

    Too many councils are making too much money from these so called fines and are bringing the whole system into disrepute.

    I also find the concept of our dear leader giving the revenues received from these fines to charities....As much as I may support the individual members of our armed services, I have seldom supported their recent missions. I feel that if I wish to give to charity, I shall do so. If the state really must make money through the fines system, that money should be used to pay down the deficit.....I have also noticed that some TV adverts from charities have a small message at the bottom of the screen stating that the UK government will match any donations made up to £5, again I cannot see why my tax money is being given to charity no matter how worthy a cause may be.