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Monday, December 01, 2014

Feed Your Baby Quavers!

As we all know, Nanny is obsessed with how much we eat and the high sugar content of our diet. As such, she has bombarded us with propaganda warning us about obesity etc.

I was therefore a tad surprised the other day, to read that Nanny's chums in the NHS are telling some mothers to feed babies junk food to help them overcome feeding problems.
Leaflets distributed by Poole Hospital NHS Foundation Trust to families attending feeding clinic appointments with young children recommend feeding babies aged over eight months crisps, chocolate bars, fried foods and sugary sweets.

The Telegraph notes that the leaflet suggests “finger foods” under three categories: “Bite and Dissolve”, “Bite and Squash/Suck” and “Easy Chew Food”. Wotsits, Quavers, Skips and Pom-Bears are among the crisps to feature under “Bite and Dissolve”, as well as Mini Cheddars and meringue.

The document states that Kit Kats, Crunchies, Milky Bars and Ripple chocolate bars are also suitable “if a child sucks food well”.

The leaflet also recommends fried onion rings, Flumps, Turkish Delight and Iced Gems.

Tracey Nutter (no puns please), director of nursing at Poole Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, said that the leaflet was the “first of several documents given to a small number of parents with babies and toddlers who have significant feeding problems and are failing to progress onto solid food for a variety of medical or developmental reasons.....not intended as meal replacements or as a means to put on weight.”

Call me old fashioned, but the advice sounds bollocks to me. Most certainly it will further confuse those who are subjected to the daily bombardment of Nanny's food/drink/health propaganda.

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1 comment:

  1. Another week and yet more rubbish from Nanny!

    My own grandchildren ate very well up and until Nanny got her hands on them once they started school.
    They would eat the same as us, but just smaller portions. The eldest of my grandchildren loved smoked salmon and fresh crab however, within a couple of months of starting school, she only wanted chicken dippers and other processed crap and would no longer eat real adult food. I believe she became addicted to MSG which all the processed foods contain to encourage people to eat the crap. She is now Nineteen and still prefers processed foods and will not eat any fish or seafood at all.

    I wonder if other parents/grandparents have noticed a change in their children's eating habbits, since their off spring started to interact with Nanny?
    Is the real problem in relation to food actually Nanny?