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Monday, February 02, 2015

CCTV Is Useless

I am gemused to see that Tony Porter, Nanny's surveillance commissioner, has said that there are too many “useless and ineffective” CCTV cameras in Britain.

Mr Porter said the public does not realise the true extent of surveillance in Britain, and lacks the understanding to be able to consent what is happening.

He also said the country must not “sleepwalk into a surveillance society” and called on councils and businesses to publish exactly what information is being gathered by the cameras.

Asked on BBC Radio Five Live if he thought there were too many “useless” cameras in Britain, Mr Porter replied:
I think undoubtedly there are because we know that for a fact.
He is quoted by the Telegraph:
There is a local authority actually in the West Midlands that did a local review and was able to reduce the cameras that were ineffective and useless to the tune of a quarter of a million. 

If that can be extrapolated across the country I think we can actually still maintain the balance of excellent surveillance but not have a promulgation of surveillance that actually is useless.
As I have noted before, CCTV merely records a crime taking place. Unless CCTV cameras are fitted with lasers that zap a criminal in mid act of criminality they will not prevent crimes (at best they displace them).

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1 comment:

  1. Tonk.4:25 PM

    Indeed Ken! I have argued for a long time now that CCTV can never prevent crime but can only record it.

    I think CCTV has two major down sides namely, it gives people a false sense of security and, it encourages lazy policing.
    I feel Nanny's DNA and fingerprint databases too encourage lazy policing because, again, they don't prevent crime, they can only record physical attributes of a likely felon.

    I know many of the sheeple come out with the "if you've got nothing to hide etc..." however, I am of the opinion that I know I have nothing to hide but I am sick to death of proving it!

    I saw a piece on Sky News last week which showed an office, which had multiple users and businesses within it, where the employees were microchipped in order to access the building, use the copying machines and pay for their meals etc in the canteen....Scary eh?