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Nanny Knows Best
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Monday, February 23, 2015

Pork Off!

I see that schools in Islington are no longer serving pupils sausages, chops or bacon.

For why?

In case Jewish or Muslim children eat the meat by accident, and contravene their beliefs.

A spokesman is quoted by the Telegraph:
"Young children, some as young as four, of different religious and ethnic backgrounds may not know which foods contain pork, or may not realise the importance of avoiding it due to their culture or beliefs.

Monitoring each child, every day ensuring they are avoiding pork, is an unnecessary cost at a time of tight budgets." 
That sounds total BS to me.

Schools have managed, and continue to manage, serving pork elsewhere without creating this "problem".

Given that there are at least two dishes on offer to kids, and that the dishes are clearly labelled, there is no issue at all here except the one created by Nanny.

Following Nanny's "logic" I assume Islington will ban meat, lest a vegetarian child inadvertently eats it!
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  1. Any sin is only a sin if committed with full knowledge.....If the kid ate pork without knowing it was pork, no sin is committed.....No need to worry Nanny, so just stop reducing everything to the lowest common denominator..

  2. Anonymous11:46 AM

    And the meat that they do serve has got to be halal, meaning that the local 'traditional' butchers cannot supply meat to schools.
    They are missing out on this valuable source of income and the halal butchers are then able to rip off their captive market by charging what they want.

    They way these fucking people carry on you would think that eating pork or non-halal meat would kill them.