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Nanny Knows Best
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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Nanny Tells Doctors To Snoop On Each Other

Our old friends from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE)  are so worried about the over prescription of antibiotics, that they have instructed doctors to snoop on their colleagues in order to ensure they are not prescribing too many antibiotics.

Call me naive, but aside from this being an utterly disgraceful instruction, aren't doctors meant to be competent, professional and qualified?

As such, unless there is a well founded suspicion that a specific doctor is falling short of his/her professional standards, there is absolutely no justification for another doctor to snoop on his/her colleague.

This is an utterly disgraceful instruction, it will cause distrust and disputes in many medical practices at a time when doctors and the health service can ill afford to have time wasted by such nonsense.

NICE once again proving that it is an utter disgrace!

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  1. Henry Crun11:02 AM

    NICE should change its name. Clinical Unit Not Treating The Sick would be more appropriate.

  2. Tonk.7:30 PM

    When I grew up in the 1950s and 1960s, being a grass or telling tales was a big no no.
    Today, it seems everyone is watching everyone else and are being encouraged to grass on their fellow citizens. This was common during the time of Hitler in Germany and was also common during the dictatorship of Saddam Hussain.

    I visited the old USSR during the early 1970s and I believe I saw the future of our nation there, as we go more and more down the road towards the EUSSR. There was massive overmanning within the state sector and most of the roles appeared to be watching others including watchers watching the watchers. The UK is turning into a really nasty place and I fear for the kind of life my grandchildren and their children will come to see as the norm.

  3. Anonymous7:57 PM

    @Tonk - Thank God I'm not the only one who thinks the UK is turning (in my opinion has already turned) into a really nasty place - I usually feel that I'm the one thought mad for being angry about all the crap. Just on the issue of The Watchers - how did it come about that every public and business sector became regulated with the resultant "Compliance" which never serves the end user (customer/patient/member of the public) only those who have jobs being the Watcher (I lump Compliance in the same scam bracket as Health & Safety).

    On the specific issue of Drs snooping on each other, even if it weren't a disgraceful idea how could it work - GPs barely have enough time to see patients let alone evaluate a colleague's prescriptions?


    1. Jay,

      You are not alone; there are many of us!
      I spent my working life in forensic psychiatry and for most of that time I had no time to know whether my arse was punched or bored let alone monitor my colleagues. I also had to find time to attend indoctrination training days so that I could appreciate and celebrate all things PC. This was only the case when I worked within the NHS, but not when I worked within private hospitals and clinics.

      In general terms, in health care one relies on their team, especially in psychiatric services and it strikes me as odd that Nanny would think that her proposals would not divide that team; or perhaps, divide and rule is her aim.
      Not only is she suggesting GPs and doctors should watch each other, but she also wants to protect whistleblowers so they do not become victimised. I cannot see how she would expect a close team to welcome back a grass into their midst who may have got that team split up, some members demoted or cost some their job or pension....Nanny just seems not to live in the real world.

      I feel we have become a nation of robots almost, with the sole aim of working as long hours as we can, for as many years as we can. I am just glad that I am nolonger in harness and fear for my grandchildren's future who, in my opinion, have little to look forward to.

      Regulators produce a cash stream out of nothing. Businesses or individuals first have to apply for a license or to register to practice with a large fee attached. They also need to comply with umpteen rules, these too cost money to put in place. The "watchers" then come and snoop with a view to finding some petty rule breach for which they can justify issuing a fine...Kerching.....As it all becomes more and more complicated so costs esculate and the numbers of watchers increase until the tail wags the dog......At this point, business falls apart because it is just too expensive to carry on.

      This country and our attitudes are now completely alien to me my only comfort is that I won't be around for many more years to see where it ends!