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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Anti Smoking Nazis On The March

The anti smoking Nazis are no the march again. This time their target are those who smoke in pub gardens.

The Royal Society for Public Health want the public smoking ban extended to beer gardens, al fresco eating areas of restaurants, parks, and outside school gates. The Nazis want smoking to be seen as "abnormal" and more controls put in place where people gather.

Fuck off!

Who is to determine what is "normal" or "abnormal"??

How arrogant these people are!

Shirley Cramer, head of that organ, is quoted by the BBC:
"Children are hugely receptive to the behaviour of the adults around them. The sight therefore of individuals smoking at prominent locations risks teaching them that smoking is a normal and safe habit.

We believe that banning smoking in these locations via an exclusion zone could further denormalise smoking, ensuring that it is seen as an abnormal activity and potentially, prevent children and young people from beginning in the future."
The organisation also called for:
  • All places selling cigarettes to be forced to also offer e-cigarettes
  • Greater use of e-cigarettes by smoking cessation services
  • A new system to license places that can sell cigarettes
  • And for e-cigarettes to be renamed vapourisers or nicotine control products as the term was misleading
Fuck off!

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  1. I am a non smoker myself however, I know that once the single issue groups get the ear of useless government, they become more and more demanding....Smoking today, drinking tomorrow, eating the day after and it will never end.
    In my opinion, wanting to boss other people about and telling them what they can and can't do is abnormal behaviour but, hey ho, I'm old fashioned because I believe in live and let live.

  2. When I get a bit older, ie my wife is dead & I don't give a fuck about being shot..

  3. Anonymous8:47 AM

    First they came for the smokers……….

  4. Anonymous10:41 PM

    Thank goodness I do not live in the UK.