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Wednesday, September 09, 2015

The Rise of The EU Superstate

I see that European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has announced plans that he says will offer a "swift, determined and comprehensive" response to Europe's migrant crisis.

Which of course they won't, as millions more are on the move.

Under the proposals, 120,000 additional asylum seekers will be distributed among EU nations, with binding quotas.

He also proposed that those who are admitted into countries be given the right to work, before they are vetted and given the clearance to stay in that country.

This of course represents a rewriting of EU rules, and an undermining of the rights of nation states within the EU.

Whatever the moral issues are wrt helping those who are leaving countries torn apart by war or economic chaos, using the plight of these people as a means of enhancing the powers of the EU is a pretty loathsome thing to do even by Juncker's drunken standards.

Beware the rise of the EU superstate snuck in on the backs of people's genuine compassion!

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  1. Anonymous1:24 PM

    The migrants that are allocated to shit hole EU countries like Greece, Bulgaria, Croatia. Latvia, Slovenia, etc….once they become full EU citizens, are not going to stay there.

    They will be on the first flights, with their new EU passports, to the countries that they can scrounge from.

    Places like Britain.

    Cameron should grow some balls and realise that the decisions he makes about these people will shape the entire future of his country for generations to come.

    1. Anonymous9:07 PM

      Speaking as a "UK" citizen who has been running a successful business in Bulgaria, and had treatment for a Coronary Thrombosis here, I resent the "shit hole" label. I left the 'UK" with my wife and children some 11 years ago just because of throttling over-regulation, a bad standard of health-care and a very low standard of living for people working in my sector (private education). I am an economic migrant who has found a quantum of solace and a high level of job satisfaction in Bulgaria which was unavailable to me in the "UK". Oh, and while I'm here, with all that blether about some woman being on the job for 63 years I would like to restate my loyalty to His Majesty King Francis II, the legal King of Scotland, England, Wales and so on.

      Richmond Mathewson.

    2. Anonymous9:32 PM

      Then Anon you realize what a shit-hole the UK has become. The grass is always greener, eh? In your case it is, in the minds of the Bulgarians the UK will seem like the promised land - educate them!


    3. Anonymous8:38 AM

      Quite a few Bulgarians (belonging to what we might call "the thinking classes"), who went to the UK as economic migrants and worked there, have returned (I seem to end up teaching their children English) just because they feel that the margin of difference is getting smaller, and they don't feel the difference justifies having to live in full view of CCTV cameras and monstrous over-regulation.

      Quite a few crafty souls are living back here in Bulgaria while working for companies in the UK online and hopping on a plane 4 times a year for a week's worth of meetings!

      Richmond Mathewson.

  2. Anonymous3:45 PM


  3. Anonymous7:43 PM

    Yes, there is no level to which the EU won't stoop to increase its power - is anyone surprised by this? Writing with the level of cynicism with which our political masters behave towards their peasants, the migrant crisis couldn't have happened at a better time with the referendum in the offing. Perhaps if the UK voted out, it would trigger other countries to do the same and the whole sorry Project and its corrupt, self-serving, dictatorial institutions would implode. There is no reason whatsoever for an over-arching political/economic union to secure common agreement between European nations to protect their cultures and work in harmony to trade and further their respective interests.

    Government petition 106477 has garnered 90k signatures in four days and now stands at over 133k.