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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Prats of The Week - University of East Anglia Student Union

Well knock me down with a feather, it is time to award another prestigious Prats of The Week Award.

This time it goes to the University of East Anglia Student Union.

For why?

For banning students from getting free sombreros from a local Tex-Mex restaurant.

For why?

Seemingly sombreros are "racist"!

Students were being given free sombreros at a freshers' fair by a local Tex-Mex restaurant, in a bid to drum up business, before they were ordered to stop; because it violated cultural appropriation rules.

Not content with merely banning the distribution of the sombreros, University of East Anglia student union officials also requisitioned (ie stole) the big floppy hats from students at the Freshers' Fair.

It is somewhat ironic that sombreros offered by a restaurant that sells Mexican food are deemed to be racist. Maybe the hapless restaurant should have handed out bowler hats instead?

Campaigns and Democracy officer (whatever that means?) Chris Jarvis is quoted by the Telegraph:
"We know that when it comes to cultural appropriation the issues can sometimes be difficult to understand and many don't realise that they may be about to cause offence or break a policy. 

So we're discussing internally how we can improve our briefing to both external organisations and our own members so that people aren't caught out at the last minute.

At the SU we want all members feel safe and accepted, so at all events we try to ensure that there is no behaviour, language or imagery which could be considered racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic or ableist."
I assume that all Speedy Gonzales films are banned by the union too?

The University of East Anglia Student Union, well deserving Prats of The Week!

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  1. Anonymous11:01 AM

    Dear Mr Frost

    So the students union wants people to feel safe and accepted, which they do by stealing freebies from the freshers.

    Will they be stealing the contents of the stomachs of students who patronise any foreign food eateries when they return to campus?

    Any event is going to be a laugh a minute with that list of prohibitions - they can't even have a rugby team that might be ableist.

    Par for the course for an institution at the throbbing heart of Climategate.


  2. Tonk.2:03 PM

    Chris Jarvis for patronising prat of the week.

  3. Tonk.3:14 PM

    The sad thing for Mr Jarvis is that, when he is more mature and has spent sometime here in the real world, he will be embarrassed by the garbage he has been spouting.
    I cannot see how anyone can feel safe and happy anywhere when no one can know where the goalposts are.
    I am glad I am not a young person today and feel sorry for my Three grandchildren.

    1. I'm afraid, on the contrary, this pillock will slosh through a series of cushy jobs with pressure groups and NGOs before becoming a MP.

  4. Lord opf Atlantis8:13 PM

    What a load of politically correct rubbish! I believe that the N.U.S is a closed shop inasmuch that all students are enrolled in that organisation whether they want to be or not. Whilst I accept the N.U.S does provide many useful; services for students, I disagree with many of the political views of many of its leaders. A pity they don't devote as much time and effort in dealing with issues actually affecting students. instead of this sort of nonsense.
    What right do N.U.S "officials" have in taking these hats away from students? What would happen if a student or students did not wish to part with their hat? It could get quite nasty methinks, not to mention the question of legality.

    Anonymous said, "They will make good politicians."

    Sadly, I think this is very true!

    The problem as I see it is that so few students take the trouble to attend meetings, vote or get involved with the N.U.S in any way. Consequently, those with more extreme ideologies tend to get elected time and time again and then enforce their views.

  5. "We know that when it comes to cultural appropriation the issues can sometimes be difficult to understand and many don't realise that they may be about to cause offence or break a policy."

    Definitely a politician or corporate bigwig in the making by the sound of it.

    The first half of the above is patronising in that he positions himself as the only person capable of understanding the issue. In doing so he gives himself permission to make decisions on behalf of 3rd parties for "crimes" he himself admits have not happened and rounds it off by watering himself down further by stating it may only be policy.

    Armed with this he has dictated the crime of theft be committed against students. Given it's Freshers some of these theft victims may not even be members of the SU yet so are not even subject to this unspecified "policy".

    It begs the obvious question: who failed in their duties in that the Tex-Mex were allowed to attend? Someone (and from his title, likely him) failed to vet the stallholders beforehand. He should have informed the Tex-Mex their attendance was not required on account of their intent to racist action.

    That's how you shut these people up. He should be sacked from the SU body. It'll do him good in the long run because one of us later on in his life will be twatting him.