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Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Nanny's Dodgy E Fags Advice

Less than a fortnight ago I wrote that Nanny was considering prescribing e fags on the NHS:
"Nanny has had something of a volte farce recently over e fags (or vaps as they are sometimes referred to).

Despite earlier misgivings about e fags being to "route to smoking", Nanny has now decreed that e fags are the route to "salvation" from smokers.

Public Health England asked a group of "experts" (pass the sick bag someone) to study "evidence". Their conclusion was that e fags are 95% less harmful than tobacco. This is amusingly ironic, given that in Wales the government there wants to ban e fags in public.

Anyhoo, that aside, Nanny is now considering prescribing e fags on the NHS."
Now here's the funny thing, it transpires that Public Health England based its recommendation on a study conducted in 2014 by scientists in the pay of the e-cigarette industry. 
The Lancet revealed that three of the 11 authors of the original study were paid advisors for the e-cigarette industry. The editors of the journal European Addiction Research even issued a warning alongside the article saying there was a ‘potential conflict of interest.’

PHE failed to declare the warning when they presented findings to journalists at a briefing in London.

Funny that!
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  1. Not quite right, this is nanny's pals trying to obliterate a report which actually listened to the people who use e-cigs for a change.The declarations were clearly stated in the citations ... which is the only reason the hideous beings at The Lancet were able to know about them. This is nanny knows best, but on the part of The Lancet, whjo thinks the govt should listen to state-funded bigots instead of people who use e-cigs to quit smoking. See below:

  2. Here is PHE's evidence-based response to The Lancet's pathetic mud-slinging by the way.