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Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Prats of The Week - Brighton and Hove Council Again!

Well done Brighton and Hove council for winning Prats of The Week two days running!

This time the council has won the award for decreeing that Rory McCormack, Brighton’s “last beach fisherman”, must take down the collection of flint statues he’s built on the beach.

For why?

Health and safety!

Mr McCormack started creating the figures, out of flint and other bits and pieces he found on the beach about two years ago, in his fisherman’s store next to the Volk’s Railway.

Council officials say they are a safety risk, and nearly all are so large they could not be moved and so would have to be demolished.
Mr McCormack is quoted by Brighton and Hove News:
Two years ago, it was a particularly bad winter and I just started pottering about and it went from there. I was building it for two years, it’s out in the open, virtually in the middle of the beach.

Members of the public come up and show an interest – at couple to two dozen people a day. I’m sure there’s people who think it looks terrible, but I haven’t had a single negative comment made in all that time.

I worked out the beach patrol has driven past about 2,500 times and said nothing. But then I got a message passed on by a fairly friendly beach officer, who said I’m passing on a message from someone in the office. It was a two minute conversation and I haven’t heard anything since.

The fence is 7ft high. Only one person has managed to climb over it. It’s all tucked away in an enclosure and the only time anyone come here is at my invitation while I’m here.
A council spokesman said:
We have real concerns over these structures because some are more than six foot high and have been built on council land without consent so we have to take action before somebody is seriously injured.
The only way someone could be injured is if they deliberately enter without permission and start arsing around in there. Hence, it's their own fault!

Brighton and Hove council, well deserving Prats of The Week again!

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  1. Great article. A supporter of Rory's has started a petition to help preserve his work. It would be great if any of your readers could sign and share it:
    His work is also featured on an international Grotto website:

  2. Lord of Atlantis1:49 PM

    Why is it that those "working" in the ef'n'safety "industry" seem to take so much pleasure out of spoiling everybody else's enjoyment? This sort of thing really makes my blood boil!

    "The only way someone could be injured is if they deliberately enter without permission and start arsing around in there. Hence, it's their own fault!"

    I couldn't agree with you more, Ken! However, the jobsworths running Nanny's brave new world, see things differently..As far as they are concerned, it is not the criminal's fault if he/she suffers either minor or serious injury whilst committing a crime, no, the victim is to nearly always to blame! This same "logic" also applies if a victim of crime catches a criminal engaging in crime on his/her property and the criminal is injured.

    yvotuna: I shall certainly sign this petition.