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Nanny Knows Best
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Monday, May 14, 2018

Nanny Ivy Bans Flaming Sambucas

Eva and I dined in the recently opened Ivy in Brighton on Friday, nice meal etc (a review of which can be seen here).

However, on ordering some flaming Sambucas (the flaming process helps the coffee beans add their flavour) I was told that they could not be flamed.

For why?

Health and safety!

Which was kind of ironic, given that one of the Ivy's special desserts is flambéed!

Anyhoo, I did attempt to ignite them myself with Eva's cigarette lighter but failed dismally, which was probably just as well as I understand from Eva that the bar staff were looking alarmed that I might succeed.

The Ivy is the only restaurant I have ever been to, thusfar, where Sambucas won't be flamed due to health and safety.

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