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Nanny Knows Best
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Thursday, May 31, 2018

St Jamie of Oliver Bans Tony The Tiger, But Offers Job To Furi

Saint Jamie of Oliver has called for a ban on cartoon characters promoting junk foods to tackle child obesity.

He told MPs cartoon characters should only ever be used to promote fruit, veg and porridge not to “peddle rubbish”.

Thus we will see an end to Tony The Tiger and The Milky Bar Kid.

But wait!

What's this I see?

A cartoon character (Furi a Moshi character) being used by St Jamie of Oliver to promote a high calorie vegetable muffin...surely not?!

Maybe we might all be better off without Nanny using the whims of celeb chefs to guide her food fads!

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  1. Hypocracy and virtue signalling ll at once. Mind you, it does show up the inadequacy of out Politicians, all those "brains" and not a iota of common sense.

  2. Tony the Tiger and other product characters deserve to out live the imbecilic and falxe political dictatorship of the public health racket. My late parents were in advertising and I find "public health" offensive. Carried to its extremity,politics must not be advertised,Who is going to buy anything?

    1. Cartoon characters,Charlie Hebdo comes to mind. Thoughtless.

  3. Anonymous11:09 PM

    Jamie Oliver is an pot rattling, ocean going, weapons grade, thunder-cunt.

    'Nuff said.