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Nanny Knows Best
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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

The Joy of Rationing - Nanny's Brexit Excuse

It seems to me that Nanny is positively champing at the bit to introduce rationing of dairy products, sugar, salt, booze, fags etc etc - for the "good" of our health.

Brexit gives her the perfect excuse!

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  1. Anonymous6:33 AM

    I seem to remember that there was no shortage of dairy products before Ted Heath conned the electorate into joining this wankfest.
    As far as milk was concerned, there was more than enough to go round, with every school kid being given a free bottle and enough left over to pour over the class wimp at playtime.
    Stories have circulated for years about how UK farmers are being paid NOT to produce milk. Perhaps after Brexit they can finally get on with doing their jobs.

  2. I went to university in 1871. I had to buy my own food. I had no problem buying Edam, Brie, cheeses imported from Europe nor pumpernickel bread nor and products made in any Common Market countries as then they were and the UK was not part of this market at the time. So will EU exporters and UK importers suddenly stop the sale of preserved milk products? This sounds like more project fear to me.

  3. need an edit button!

  4. Rationing? Politics doesn't work for consumers.