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Monday, January 20, 2020

All The World's a Stage - Unless You Are Lawrence Fox #StunningandBrave

Lawrence Fox has fallen foul of the luvvie darlings in Equity, by daring to express an opinion that did not chime with the group think of Equity.

As such Equity branded him a "disgrace" on Twitter, and called upon fellow luvvies to denounce him (shades of McCarthyism there!).

Equity has now backtracked and has deleted the tweet, claiming it was posted by some rogue members!

However, the Mail claims that the original tweet has been approved by Equity's committee. 

This farce will run and run!

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  1. Anonymous12:03 PM

    Actors constantly crave attention.
    They need to be told how marvelous and wonderful they are, but the general public really doesn't give a flying fuck.
    We don't go to see a film just because a particular actor has won an award for it, and even less so in the future, where awards will be given purely on the actor's colour, rather than any outstanding performance.
    But even though there will be a question about any black actor in the future being nominated for an award, it will not stop them accepting them.
    The film and television industries are full of their own importance.
    Lawrence Fox is, surprisingly, not a cunt, and we need more people like him.
    He is fed up with being called racist just because he is white. He is fed up with being called sexist just because he is male and straight. He is fed up with his country being called racist when in fact it is the most welcoming place on earth.
    He had the good sense to not be a member of Equity, and therefore he probably has no interest in their predictable views.
    He was also very good in his role in Lewis.

  2. Good coment Sir, I admire his wholhearted attack on his enemies, he is worth many of his detractors. Let us have more of his type rather than the gobby upstarts.