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Monday, January 27, 2020

Brighton Queen's Park Jetty Delayed Over Health and Safety

A jetty over Brighton Queen’s Park pond is set to open in March – almost a year late following health and safety delays.

The jetty was built in 2019 after park visitors were asked to choose how to spend money contributed by local developers – either to rework its quiet garden to open it up and deter drug users, or to create a dipping platform.

The platform project was chosen and the jetty was completed to the original designs by May – but a surprise inspection by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents meant it has remained fenced off ever since.

Brighton council decided that issues raised by the inspectors meant it needed extra work to make it safe for buggies and small children – and delays to that work meant it has stayed closed.

The work has yet to commence.

It beggars belief that the health and safety issues that apparently have caused these delays, were not identified and addressed at the planning and design stage.

It should also be noted that:

1 The RoSPA has no legal jurisdiction wrt health and safety issues.

2 The rest of the perimeter of the pond does not have any fencing or any devices to stop buggies rolling into it.

3 The temporary fencing (seen in the photo above) to stop people walking on it has fallen over, again!

4 The temporary fencing has now been thrown into the pond!

In other words the delay, and planned improvements (which have not yet started) are for nowt!

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