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Tuesday, September 01, 2020

Back To School - Nanny Bans Covid Jokes


My sympathies to the poor little sods returning to school in the the coming days.

Not only do they face the stress of returning to an environment that they haven't seen since March, they will also face the transference of their parents' and teachers' own stresses and anxieties.

Case in point as reported by ITV, where kids risk being excluded for “malicious coughing” or making “inappropriate” jokes about the coronavirus pandemic, some schools have warned.

The new behavioural guidelines have been issued to parents as many schools prepare to welcome children back into their classrooms in England this week.

The Ark Alexandra Academy in Hastings, east Sussex, has set out a list of “coronavirus red lines” which will result in fixed-term exclusions for pupils should they be breached.

These include “deliberate or malicious” coughs or sneezes, “humorous, inappropriate comments or statements” related to Covid-19 and “purposeful physical contact with any other person”.

In a letter to parents in August, Jerome Scafe, network associate principal, said: 

“Any student that needs to have a fixed-term exclusion during the pandemic, will not return to main circulation until a risk assessment and we can be assured that the student will adhere to all our expectations.”

Good luck kids, you'll need it! is brought to you by "The Living Brand"

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