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Friday, September 04, 2020

Nanny Hates Sweden - Why She Won't Lift The Quarantine

It's been announced that there are no changes to the list of travel corridor countries to England. Normal cut-off is 20 cases / 100k in last 7 days.

All these European countries on the quarantine-exempt list except one. Can you spot which?

Perhaps @grantshapps can explain why.

My sympathies to the good people of Sweden who, despite the fact that their death rate is below Nanny's 20 per 100K limit for allowing unquarantined travel, are still on Nanny's Naughty Step and have to quarantine if they (or returning British tourists) enter the UK from Sweden.

This seems a tad perverse, given that Portugal is still allowed quarantine free travel even though it has breached Nanny's 20 death threshold.

Why does Nanny not want to allow Swedes to come her?

It is because if she does, it would be a tacit admission that Sweden has succeeded in bringing Covid under control without the need for lockdown.

Around the world national Nannies, egged on by an ever hysterical media (in the UK we had Sly News and Piers Morgan), followed each other like sheep into various types of lockdowns some (eg South Africa - which banned booze - and Australia - which arrests pregnant women for daring to post anti lockdown articles on Facebook) were more extreme than others.

Sweden, on the other hand, although it pursued a policy of social distancing, cleanliness and non family hugging eschewed masks and lockdowns.

The result being the Sweden was not decimated by Covid and, as can be seen from the figures, is coming out of it without the need for lockdown.

Needless to say this makes Nanny look rather foolish, and Nanny doesn't like to be made to look foolish. Hence she will not publicly acknowledge that Sweden got it right, and she got it wrong.

As and when this is behind us, and cooler heads prevail and they take a look at the post lockdown world, it will become woefully apparent that the lockdown "cure" was worse than the disease viz:

  • Nanny turned the NHS into a state religion, for which she condemned thousands to die in order to protect it (what kind of health service is it where you have to die in order to protect it?)
  • People have died, and will die, from untreated non Covid related illnesses (eg 400-500 people die every day in the UK from cancer, that rate will rise because of lockdown)
  • Thousands of elderly people were needlessly infected as Nanny cleared the hospitals of the elderly (in order to save the NHS!)
  • Depression, mental illness and suicides have risen
  • Domestic violence has risen
  • Childrens' eduction has been severely damaged
  • The economy has been trashed.

That's why Nanny dare not admit that Sweden got it right! is brought to you by "The Living Brand"

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  1. we are so behind, remember that we were still allowing international flights in no problem when this thing was officially over. our leaders are dumbo's.