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Monday, September 07, 2020

The Blunder That Caused The Global Lockdown (Sweden Being The Exception)

A confusion in the USA between IFR and CFR rates have led the hysterical media and politicians around the world down the wrong path, and needlessly killed thousands, damaged mental health, set back childrens' eduction, caused an increase in domestic abuse and suicides and crashed the global economy.
As per Malcolm Kendrick a GP in the NHS: 
In February, US Covid guru Anthony Fauci predicted the virus was ‘akin to a severe flu’ and would therefore kill around 0.1 percent of people. Then fatality rate predictions were somehow mixed up to make it look ten times WORSE.

When you strip everything else out, the reason for lockdown comes from a single figure: one percent. This was the prediction that Covid, if left unchecked, would kill around one percent of us.

I don’t expect you or I to get this sort of thing right. But I bloody well expect the experts to do so. They didn’t. They got their IFR and CFR mixed up and multiplied the likely impact of Covid by a factor of ten.

Unsurprisingly the Imperial Model comes in for flack as well, as it used the wrong IFR.

Sadly, it will be very hard to get the media and the politicians to admit that they got this wrong! is brought to you by "The Living Brand"

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