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Nanny Knows Best
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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Nanny's Little Helpers

Nanny's Little Helpers
Dictators use ordinary people as their eyes, ears and enforcers as a means of maintaining their grip on power.

Caroline Williams found this to her cost recently, when she tried to have a drink at the Cricketer pub in Hove.

Staff refused to serve her, and asked her to leave.

For why?

She was pregnant.

Nanny's Chief Medical Orificer would have us believe that pregnant women should not drink at all. However, as common sense and reality shows, this is bollocks.

So long as the drink is in moderation, there will be no damage to the baby.

It should also be noted that there is usually a gap between becoming pregnant, and knowing one is pregnant; the mother will most assuredly have had a few drinks during that period.

Anyhoo, Mrs Williams had consumed one pint of larger and was offered one half more by her friends.

Nanny's chums in the pub refused to serve her friend because of the "danger to the baby".

Mrs Williams then took a sip from another friend's glass, at which point Nanny's chums in the pub asked her to leave.

Public humiliation is a favourite tool of the dictator.

The road to dictatorship is paved with "good intentions", as our fellow citizens are encouraged to monitor our behaviour, and snoop on us...for "our own good"!

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  1. It is crazy and typical of the attitude shown by many that have been "educated" by Nanny.
    These people make a song and dance about half a larger but are happy to allow, in effect, abortion on demand. Nothing can do more harm to a baby than abortion and rather sends the damage caused by half a larger into perspective.

  2. Anonymous11:22 AM

    The scum will soon be microchipping babies to 'monitor' them for their own good.

    Death to Nu NaziLabour.

  3. Greens think holidaymakers are criminal!

    Hat Tip - Bloggers4UKIP

  4. Lord of Atlantis2:35 PM

    Irrespective of whether Caroline Williams was pregnant or not, the decision whether or not to drink (and I am speakking as a non-drinker) should be her's and her's alone. Had she been drunk, then the staff would have been wuthin their rights not to serve her, but in this case it was none of their business!

  5. Anonymous3:41 PM

    Just when you think this cannot get more absurd, it does.
    Thanks, a little haven in the mire.

  6. Since most of Nanny's minions were obviously victims of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, I guess it's no wonder they're so paranoid.

  7. The only viable response to this crap is the administration of an immediate twatting on each and every occasion that a minion rears their head.

    No excuses and zero tolerance, no more inches given.

    It's that serious! Someone seems to think that I should have control of my life centralized and that they should be the centre of decision making, not me!

    Don't ignore, don't humour, don't make allowances because someone says that they're "just doing a job". Screw it if a refusal to kiss Nanny's arse gives offence.

    The only bright point that I see on the horizon is that the "biddies of tweed, urine odour, buttock wrinkles and serious age" (or whatever the term is for nice old bags these days) that I speak to are now universally mortified by Nanny's actions.

    Beware the pensioner riots!

  8. I would defend the publicans right to use their own judgement when serving alcohol. Dictating that the publican MUST serve whoever whatever they want at any time would be the actions of a dictator!

    Freedom for all - even if you run a pub.