Nanny Knows Best

Nanny Knows Best
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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Nanny Bans Teaspoons III

I see that the teaspoon story has been featured in today's Telegraph.

Asda are denying any knowledge of the rule.

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  1. Not just teaspoons, but also now washing-up brushes. I was amazed to read a tiny brochure attached to a new brush warning me not to apply too much pressure when in use in case it "caused injury"!

    Whether to myself or another was not made clear, but certainly the manufacturers now believe in assault by a deadly washing-up brush.

  2. indeed this is most stupid.. and incoherent nanny rule i ever heard. this is exactly why people are murdering others with plastic cutlery.. - Frusttration!

    people are getting more retarded on daily basis and no one wants to take things responsibly, because why would we - many are reliant on "rules for a reason" concept, they fail to use their own brains.

    I had a great rant at Asda in my email i just sent few minutes ago. If i get a reply, i shall post it.

    PS thank you. i was seeking a place to let out my frustraction a current daily stupidities i see all around me. People getting paid to oversee "equalities", "feel the goodness", "promote rightiousness".. and all that, - clearly that doesnt help. doesnt anyone get the message?!

    (/rant end)

  3. Moving Finger1:13 PM

    I sent the original photo in. Asda can deny it all they like but they'd be lying if they did. I've seen the receipt & I still have the photo of it on my phone - it says 'teaspoons', 'ID required, 18', my wife has it in her possession. She is not a liar, neither am I.

    In the spirit of mischief my wife went to Tesco today & tried to purchase 2 latte teaspoons (the long handled & therefore potentially lethal variety) using the self service checkout.

    Sure enough an assistant was required & she was asked for proof of ID. You need to be over 18.

    What kind of insanity is this? I urge everyone to go to their local supermarket & buy spoons - use the self service checkout to force an assistant to make you provide ID. Then refuse to provide it.

    If they insist on this moronic rule, walk out & leave the stuff where it is: it's not yours until you've paid for it.