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Nanny Knows Best
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Monday, September 20, 2004

Exam Pass Rates

Nanny believes in a good education system, she practices what she preaches; by ensuring that her ministers, and friends, can send their children to selection based schools.

However, nanny cares about those who are not so fortunate. She has set the core curriculum for non selective state schools, she believes that this curriculum ensures that people leaving school are well rounded mature individuals; fully equipped intellectually, and emotionally, to face the challenges of the 21st century.

Nanny is very fond of telling people how successful her education policy is, she boasts openly about the ever increasing pass rates at A level; a sure sign, she says, that today’s school leavers are better educated than their predecessors.

However, nanny’s standards are so exacting that her sycophants in the education system are afraid of disappointing her with a poor showing in exam pass rates. They have had to adopt innovative measures to ensure nanny’s targets are met.

It seems that in order to achieve an A grade pass at Maths A level, the student needs only to score 45%. Those less bright students who, even under nanny’s guidance, could never hope to achieve an A grade; are offered a challenging 16% hurdle, if they wish to achieve a C grade pass.

The education sycophants, who set and grade the exams, argue that the lower pass mark is a sign that the exam must be really tough.

The real world knows this for what it really is, a dumbing down of standards in order to meet nanny’s target.

The real losers are those who have passed through nanny’s education system, and end up with a qualification not worth the paper it is printed upon.

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