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Nanny Knows Best
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Monday, September 27, 2004

Don't Mention The War

Geobbles Hain Addresses The MediaNanny and her apparatchiks are in Brighton this week, at their party conference. Nanny likes to ensure that these events are well staged managed, so that only issues that really matter to nanny are discussed.

Two of nanny’s “pet topics” this year are banning smoking and 24-hour state child care (“get them while they are young, and they will be yours for life”).

One of nanny’s spokesmen, Peter “Goebbels” Hain, was so keen to make sure that nanny’s agenda was followed; that he publicly stated that the Iraq war, and the hunting ban were only “fringe issues”.

Needless to say, the media pounced on this dim-witted “Fawlty Towers” attempt at agenda manipulation; pointing out that, what with the kidnapping of Ken Bigley and the daily body bag count in Iraq, the Iraq situation is hardly a fringe issue.

Peter “Geobbels” Hain reacted swiftly, and admitted that he didn’t mean to say that.

Very true Herr Propaganda Minister, of course you didn’t mean to say that, but you thought it nonetheless!

Poor old nanny found that this was not the end of the matter; her previously loyal troops have decided to hold a vote on Thursday on the Iraq situation. They will be voting to force nanny to give a specific deadline for the withdrawal of British troops from Iraq.

Nanny, your slip is showing!

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