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Nanny Knows Best
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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Charlie is Me Darling

CharlieI am pleased to report a minor victory, in the daily struggle against nanny, and her perverted ideas of perfection.

It seems that people power has saved a national icon; in the shape of the portly Little Chef logo, affectionately known as Charlie.

I understand that the Little Chef chain were to put Charlie on a diet, in order to reduce his plump girth. Nanny has been lecturing us for so long now about our waistlines, that people are beginning to feel that to be plump is morally wrong.

Therefore, the guys at Little Chef felt that they were doing the right thing by putting Charlie on a diet.

However, they did not count on the reaction of the British public; who fought back against this well intentioned, but misguided, idea.

After deluge of 15000 letters, from the public, Charlie will be saved.

That is a victory for common sense and people power, plus it shows that the people running Little Chef have decency and common sense.

However, there is a serious lesson to be learned here. Had Charlie been slimmed down, it would have sent yet another message out to the community as a whole; that to be overweight is unacceptable and wrong.

This is a very dangerous message to be pumping into peoples’ heads. There are many teenagers, and adults, made to feel inadequate and miserable; because nanny tells them that they are the wrong shape.

Some of these unhappy souls are driven to extreme measures; such as faddy diets and fasting, which damages them both physically and psychologically.

The bottom line is this; the human race is made up of tall people, short people, fat people and thin people.

That is the way that humans are, nanny has to learn to live with it!

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