Nanny Knows Best

Nanny Knows Best
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Saturday, September 25, 2004


Nanny's trolls planning herbicideIt seems my earlier article, about the dangers of nanny interfering in conker season, was prescient.

It is reported that nanny’s trolls in South Shields Council have decided that conker hunting is just too dangerous for the children and, more importantly, too dangerous for the cars of South Shields.

Apparently, a boy fell out of a tree and injured himself whilst collecting conkers. This, of course, gave nanny’s trolls in South Shields the excuse they needed to “pollard” the trees.

Pollarding is a technical term used, to disguise the reality of the actions being employed by nanny’s council trolls. In reality, they are lopping off the branches; with the intention of poisoning the trees, and replanting them with something “less dangerous”.

In other words, they are planning "herbicide".

At this point I must stop myself from vomiting in reaction to this verbal garbage, spouted by the trolls. How many centuries have the people of Britain lived with the “dangers” of the horse chestnut?

Now the trolls in South Shields Council have decided that we are not going to be allowed to live with these noble trees anymore; for the safety of the children and, of course, for the safety of the cars.

The residents don’t like the actions of nanny’s trolls, yet nanny does not care; because nanny “knows best”.

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