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Nanny Knows Best
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Saturday, September 18, 2004

Preparing for Emergencies

The UK government (nanny) has recently issued a booklet, called "Preparing for Emergencies", to every household in the UK; apart from mine that is, I wonder if they are trying to tell me something?

This is part of a £8M campaign telling the British public the "bleedin' obvious" about what to do in an emergency; eg in the event of a fire "do not re enter your home until the fire is out".

All very laudable, no doubt; but are we really that dimwitted that we couldn't have worked that out for ourselves?

Didn't our parents tell us these things when we were children? Ah wait a minute, I forgot, nanny belives that the government should act "in loco parentis" these days.

I also note that the booklet has been translated into a large number of languages including; Welsh, Irish and Scots Gaelic. One moment here please, those that speak these three languages are perfectly capable of speaking English.

Why go to the extra expense and trouble of translating the booklet into these three redundant languages, just to satisfy political correctness?

Nanny has taken this booklet very seriously, and does not like the piss being taken out of it. So much so in fact, that nanny has been trying to shut down a spoof website on the subject.

Before nanny succeeds, I recommend that you visit

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