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Friday, February 25, 2005

Nanny Bans Easter Eggs

Nanny Bans Easter EggsNanny, as we all know, has a rather "anally retentive" nature. She has a need to be in control at all times; anything that threatens her control, she takes to be direct personal threat.

Such is the case with Easter eggs.

Easter eggs Ken? I hear you ejaculate (no, don't snigger, not that sort of ejaculation!).

Yes Easter eggs.

It seems that Nanny's acolytes in the Wirral have decided to put the "mockers" on the traditional Wirral Easter Egg Run, this is one of Merseyside's biggest charity events.

The Run, which has grown in popularity over the years, is simple in concept. Around 5000 bikers tour Wirral, delivering gifts to sick children; thousands of spectators line the streets.

It sets off from New Brighton and ends at Clatterbridge hospital, where the riders hand out chocolate goodies to the children.

Seemingly the Easter Egg Run, which is enjoyed by all except Nanny, is a threat to health and safety.

The hapless organisers of the run have, reportedly, been in discussions with Nanny's council and police officials in a bid to keep it going; but to no avail.

The committee has finally had to give up, they claim that public safety chiefs have been "moving the goalposts".

Former committee press officer Matt Rose said:

"Members of the committee have met with representatives of the police and council on numerous occasions over the last eight months and, unfortunately, have met with a generally unhelpful attitude - particularly from senior officers..Each time organisers have met police and council officials the goalposts seem to move in terms of what is required."

He added:

"As a result of these problems, we as a committee, feel that our only option is to resign as organisers of the Wirral Egg Run."

Nanny's chums in Merseyside police and Wirral council are fearful of an unofficial event, that's what happens Nanny when you act like a prat, they have issued a joint statement urging bikers to stay away.

Despite the alleged threat to health and safety, I understand that the event has not had one recorded injury.

But Nanny doesn't care about facts, just about "anal control".


  1. Anonymous1:00 PM

    hi pete C B R get ur ass down to N B prom 10 am sunday 2nd & show ur not going to be stoped by the nanny;s

  2. Anonymous8:56 AM

    Well Ken Nanny lost again this year over 2000 bikers turned out & £3k was raised as well as filling a 7ton truck with Easter Eggs. Let us hope that the same thing happens in 2007.

  3. Anonymous8:28 PM

    Yes We were there as well. My son's first egg run, and certainly not the last. I will be there next year nanny state or not