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Nanny Knows Best
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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Nanny Bans Cakewalk

Nanny Bans CakewalkNanny really does seem to hate to see people having a good time.

I don't know why, maybe she had a bad childhood or something?

Anyhoo, this time she has set her health and safety chums to work at Felixstowe's funfair.

Nanny's inspectorate have decided to close the "cake walk" in the Crazy House, after 72 years of operation, because it does not meet current safety regulations.

There is one small fact that needs to be stated at this point.

Can you guess what that is children?

Yes, that's right, in its 72 year history there has not been one single accident on the moving walkway.

Charles Manning, owner of Charles Manning's Amusement Park said:

"It's a real shame but we have had to close it and it will no longer run..The inspectors were worried there was a risk that someone could fall underneath the cake walk and be injured, and they said it no longer met the health and safety regulations.".

Seemingly the cakewalk is one of the last ones in existence.

Nanny will, if she is not stopped, wreck this country.

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  1. A place called "The Village Experience" in Norfolk has a cakewalk, or had one a couple of years ago. (They don't seem to have a website).

    It did strike me that the modern day Priests of Health & Safety would be highly averse to such a contraption, after all, we can't have people taking personal responsibility, can we?