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Nanny Knows Best
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Monday, April 25, 2005

Kiss My Hob

Kiss My HobNanny comes in many forms including; councils, the health and safety executive and the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

These organisations love to spend their time looking for areas of our lives into which they can poke their interfering noses.

The ASA have taken a particular dislike to celebrity chef Ainsley Harriott, or shall we say an advert in which he is currently appearing.

In this advert, for Fairy Power Spray, Ainsley is seen to be kissing his hob as he speaks lines that could have been crafted by Shakespeare:

"Everyday you squirt, wait and wipe. Love it."

Well, aside form the obvious damage to the English language, there seems to be little wrong with this harmless advert.

Not so, according to ASA.

You see, Ladies and Gentlemen, in ASA's eyes this advert represents a clear and present danger to people and children who may be encouraged to kiss their own hobs and consequently burn themselves.

As such, despite the highly unlikely scenario where anyone would be stupid enough to kiss their hob, ASA have forced Procter and Gamble to restrict the times at which the advert is shown.

There are many dangers in a kitchen, but I would have though that hob kissing does not rank amongst the top 10 threats to health and safety.


  1. Anonymous2:50 PM

    No way. Seriously, no way. In protest I am going to spend the rest of the day drunk at work (it's OK, I work in the civil service). Please can you provide links/references to your articles? I think most of the issues you cover are so far fetched I need to double if not triple check?!?!?!?!

  2. I have to admit that some of this stuff wouldn't surprise me... but I'm still a little skeptical of some of the things you mention. Just out of curiosity... why don't you provide links to the original source of your nanny state examples? Where are you finding this stuff? No news articles anywhere?

  3. Go to any major search engine, eg, and type in a few key words for any of the stories on this site.

    You will find I kid you not.


  4. "....a clear and present danger to people and children..."

    Hmmm... Are children not people too?

  5. I don't know...can we have a vote please?

    Are children people?

  6. What is a hob?

    I'm somewhat handicapped in the matter as I speak American.

  7. It is the top of your stove/cooker eg gas rings or electric.